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From sunxiaoye0116 <...@git.apache.org>
Subject [GitHub] hadoop pull request: Hadoop xiaoye
Date Fri, 26 Feb 2016 18:06:57 GMT
GitHub user sunxiaoye0116 opened a pull request:


    Hadoop xiaoye


You can merge this pull request into a Git repository by running:

    $ git pull https://github.com/sunxiaoye0116/hadoop hadoop-xiaoye

Alternatively you can review and apply these changes as the patch at:


To close this pull request, make a commit to your master/trunk branch
with (at least) the following in the commit message:

    This closes #80
commit 8090a6ee63c414ac5b76c21df1f6b5a188e873d6
Author: Vinayakumar B <vinayakumarb@apache.org>
Date:   2015-06-03T06:41:46Z

    HDFS-8270. create() always retried with hardcoded timeout when file already exists with
open lease (Contributed by J.Andreina)
    (cherry picked from commit 54f83d9bd917e8641e902c5f0695e65ded472f9a)

commit dd98cfd328dddb01a1220786d28a80195021611b
Author: Vinayakumar B <vinayakumarb@apache.org>
Date:   2015-06-03T09:45:44Z

    HDFS-8523. Remove usage information on unsupported operation 'fsck -showprogress' from
branch-2 (Contributed by J.Andreina)
    (cherry picked from commit 0ed9c2d8fec93b5dac9c305eda272ad8dfd869a9)

commit 3d2c3f864846d618dc1ae63dd71704b43b0d8f56
Author: Jason Lowe <jlowe@apache.org>
Date:   2015-06-03T19:46:51Z

    YARN-3585. NodeManager cannot exit on SHUTDOWN event triggered and NM recovery is enabled.
Contributed by Rohith Sharmaks
    (cherry picked from commit e13b671aa510f553f4a6a232b4694b6a4cce88ae)

commit 718dca48592ea6f28b1fab01c35034a58c36139e
Author: Akira Ajisaka <aajisaka@apache.org>
Date:   2015-06-04T16:45:34Z

    HADOOP-12058. Fix dead links to DistCp and Hadoop Archives pages. Contributed by Kazuho
    (cherry picked from commit dbed757cbaf3ddff0c9ae2d905d42828aadedf2a)
    (cherry picked from commit 1cccd1eeb3c1c22f570f657ba1eb80a9a37b1496)

commit e74e4d7bb9f7799d91e250aab6281cb6d3faf2ac
Author: Wangda Tan <wangda@apache.org>
Date:   2015-06-04T17:22:57Z

    YARN-3733. Fix DominantRC#compare() does not work as expected if cluster resource is empty.
(Rohith Sharmaks via wangda)
    (cherry picked from commit ebd797c48fe236b404cf3a125ac9d1f7714e291e)

commit a78ca0fadcff941a7cc3878a4590ac3688c0e424
Author: Jian He <jianhe@apache.org>
Date:   2015-06-04T17:52:07Z

    YARN-3764. CapacityScheduler should forbid moving LeafQueue from one parent to another.
Contributed by Wangda Tan
    (cherry picked from commit 6ad4e59cfc111a92747fdb1fb99cc6378044832a)

commit 6b05575c721b5925f6ddb7e7818a4869ae7b0beb
Author: Wangda Tan <wangda@apache.org>
Date:   2015-06-04T20:18:25Z

    Add missing test file of YARN-3733
    (cherry picked from commit 405bbcf68c32d8fd8a83e46e686eacd14e5a533c)

commit d404caaa435b1d7be589c0c57275f10dcd57830e
Author: Karthik Kambatla <kasha@apache.org>
Date:   2015-06-05T16:14:06Z

    MAPREDUCE-6387. Serialize the recently added Task#encryptedSpillKey field at the end.
(Arun Suresh via kasha)
    (cherry picked from commit 6786daab33792c9c426adf0fc6b361f193d356a8)
    (cherry picked from commit 1a2e6e8091d8578950a8623a023422ba5ee87d53)

commit 8c1a46ca4fa27cc996f7e2495b8483001a903faa
Author: Xiaoyu Yao <xyao@apache.org>
Date:   2015-06-06T00:13:40Z

    HDFS-8522. Change heavily recorded NN logs from INFO to DEBUG level. Contributed by xyao.

commit 105cadb4217bf55d0875883952745b5fd63e6819
Author: Arpit Agarwal <arp@apache.org>
Date:   2015-06-10T03:58:39Z

    HADOOP-12078. The default retry policy does not handle RetriableException correctly. (Contributed
by Arpit Agarwal)

commit 0bcc68337bab9b60df6b2e3f64b104f5111f3574
Author: Colin Patrick Mccabe <cmccabe@cloudera.com>
Date:   2015-06-11T21:26:22Z

    HDFS-8566. HDFS documentation about debug commands wrongly identifies them as "hdfs dfs"
commands (Surendra Singh Lilhore via Colin P. McCabe)
    (cherry picked from commit 587309bbbadd4db41be83347e8c454049f4a7561)
    (cherry picked from commit 754dd3496ce166f3743a8512f555ade6a7c2135d)

commit 3ec9b6358642546bb62dee1a1952142cb661813b
Author: Arpit Agarwal <arp@apache.org>
Date:   2015-06-11T22:08:15Z

    HDFS-8583. Document that NFS gateway does not work with rpcbind on SLES 11. (Arpit Agarwal)

commit 3651feb49d443d099b41eb8fd493a42ab623b2f4
Author: Haohui Mai <wheat9@apache.org>
Date:   2015-06-12T01:53:29Z

    HDFS-8572. DN always uses HTTP/localhost@REALM principals in SPNEGO. Contributed by Haohui

commit 6dda57a81718ce8251b50366e1b54d93480628ae
Author: Yongjun Zhang <yzhang@cloudera.com>
Date:   2015-06-14T18:20:32Z

    HDFS-8596. TestDistributedFileSystem et al tests are broken in branch-2 due to incorrect
setting of "datanode" attribute. Contributed by Yongjun Zhang.
    (cherry picked from commit b0dc291961410b6ac2b275cdcff4b95d75727e8d)
    (cherry picked from commit cd578fa289252b0ae1e27f7e7b097cceeb2c30ff)

commit 1145d09e0a9fa5d2b21266c4a2c14b8359e623ec
Author: Arpit Agarwal <arp@apache.org>
Date:   2015-06-14T23:24:30Z

    HDFS-8595. TestCommitBlockSynchronization fails in branch-2.7. (Patch applies to all branches).
(Contributed by Arpit Agarwal)

commit a1810d75f05418115c660f2dc02335504fff4935
Author: Arpit Agarwal <arp@apache.org>
Date:   2015-06-15T03:18:31Z

    HDFS-8600. TestWebHdfsFileSystemContract.testGetFileBlockLocations fails in branch-2.7.
(Contributed by Arpit Agarwal)

commit 7a248f2e9ec177cd6c1695e45b3ab8d4da1b48d3
Author: Tsz-Wo Nicholas Sze <szetszwo@hortonworks.com>
Date:   2015-06-15T23:07:38Z

    HDFS-8576.  Lease recovery should return true if the lease can be released and the file
can be closed.  Contributed by J.Andreina

commit 632cb542f647f08a40fe42d59134f6250460fb13
Author: Tsz-Wo Nicholas Sze <szetszwo@hortonworks.com>
Date:   2015-06-16T00:18:09Z

    HDFS-8361. Choose SSD over DISK in block placement.

commit 6c527f551438c78d0cad06ce80de20b950cfada7
Author: Tsuyoshi Ozawa <ozawa@apache.org>
Date:   2015-06-16T01:12:38Z

    YARN-3711. Documentation of ResourceManager HA should explain configurations about listen
addresses. Contributed by Masatake Iwasaki.
    (cherry picked from commit e8c514373f2d258663497a33ffb3b231d0743b57)

commit f4ae56d60513a2a44157368eb6386828bcb9a5fb
Author: Yongjun Zhang <yzhang@cloudera.com>
Date:   2015-06-16T04:45:30Z

    HDFS-8544. Incorrect port specified in HFTP Guide document in branch-2. (Contributed by
Brahma Reddy Battula)
    (cherry picked from commit b1d3ed02c16113f2f6bd74f56e3d293c0daf64e2)

commit fe35ba1df9f6bcad8c7c166279b6913d27d35a76
Author: Xiaoyu Yao <xyao@apache.org>
Date:   2015-06-16T19:38:07Z

    HDFS-8597. Fix TestFSImage#testZeroBlockSize on Windows. Contributed by Xiaoyu Yao.
    (cherry picked from commit 4e88ff5b27cc33d311ab7a7248c3cf6303997ddd)

commit 6de4d52c3117603e5564cfe7270fc89a586a072f
Author: Kihwal Lee <kihwal@apache.org>
Date:   2015-06-16T20:44:38Z

    HDFS-4660. Block corruption can happen during pipeline recovery. Contributed by Kihwal
    (cherry picked from commit c74517c46bf00af408ed866b6577623cdec02de1)

commit c0a419b134867d66f221899c79ddca413c2622d8
Author: Xuan <xgong@apache.org>
Date:   2015-06-17T23:27:01Z

    YARN-3804. Both RM are on standBy state when kerberos user not in yarn.admin.acl. Contributed
by Varun Saxena

commit e5f9703419234123ef266fcee05cd32eea8d9b79
Author: Colin Patrick Mccabe <cmccabe@cloudera.com>
Date:   2015-06-18T18:30:29Z

    HADOOP-12100. ImmutableFsPermission should not override applyUmask since that method doesn't
modify the FsPermission (Bibin A. Chundatt via Colin P. McCabe)
    (cherry picked from commit 6e0a9f92fe0052d39b95a605174b3f6423c6aae7)
    (cherry picked from commit 2946e92f79a73cccf9533f31ad40471046496cb2)

commit 8c03a079df78fd094b27025a6f700e4d99428ea4
Author: Yongjun Zhang <yzhang@cloudera.com>
Date:   2015-06-19T16:47:31Z

    HDFS-8633. Fix setting of dfs.datanode.readahead.bytes in hdfs-default.xml to match DFSConfigKeys.
Contributed by Ray Chiang.
    (cherry picked from commit b42f1ec13d0a837f188cf424a8dd177720478cc9)

commit d06080bbb563e6da64e6ddc2d09730d084afdced
Author: Yongjun Zhang <yzhang@cloudera.com>
Date:   2015-06-19T21:06:17Z

    HADOOP-12103. Small refactoring of DelegationTokenAuthenticationFilter to allow code sharing.
Contributed by Yongjun Zhang.
    (cherry picked from commit 49f5d20efe7af7cd7c45d93edad33997a695a746)

commit dc4171cb66ef47cea9dbba95f2ebb5fa10e70d53
Author: Arpit Agarwal <arp@apache.org>
Date:   2015-06-20T01:23:34Z

    HDFS-8626. Reserved RBW space is not released if creation of RBW File fails. (Contributed
by kanaka kumar avvaru)

commit 0adb6d829233550f194498b64db54191ccc0de61
Author: Allen Wittenauer <aw@apache.org>
Date:   2015-02-09T21:58:50Z

    HDFS-7546. Document, and set an accepting default for dfs.namenode.kerberos.principal.pattern
(Harsh J via aw)
    (cherry picked from commit 63613c79c1042ea3d7706ed6f7eccc8cf48ff6ea)

commit 25b99e4816098e6757e095638af13e7d0cc1a4c9
Author: Arpit Agarwal <arp@apache.org>
Date:   2015-06-20T20:08:18Z

    HDFS-7164. Feature documentation for HDFS-6581. (Contributed by Arpit Agarwal)

commit 86c01d90ba9eaf92c6c444b9a0dde54131696102
Author: Colin Patrick Mccabe <cmccabe@cloudera.com>
Date:   2015-06-22T21:46:57Z

    HDFS-8480. Fix performance and timeout issues in HDFS-7929 by using hard-links to preserve
old edit logs, instead of copying them. (Zhe Zhang via Colin P. McCabe)
    (cherry picked from commit 7b424f938c3c306795d574792b086d84e4f06425)
    (cherry picked from commit cbd11681ce8a51d187d91748b67a708681e599de)


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