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From hellodengfei <...@git.apache.org>
Subject [GitHub] hadoop pull request: Branch 2.7.1
Date Thu, 12 Nov 2015 11:29:18 GMT
GitHub user hellodengfei opened a pull request:


    Branch 2.7.1


You can merge this pull request into a Git repository by running:

    $ git pull https://github.com/hellodengfei/hadoop branch-2.7.1

Alternatively you can review and apply these changes as the patch at:


To close this pull request, make a commit to your master/trunk branch
with (at least) the following in the commit message:

    This closes #45
commit 834e9bc3b24b8ac1f08e781fd942fb7dcca8a351
Author: Tsuyoshi Ozawa <ozawa@apache.org>
Date:   2015-03-10T15:41:12Z

    MAPREDUCE-4742. Fix typo in nnbench#displayUsage. Contributed by Liang Xie.
    (cherry picked from commit 20b8ee1350e62d1b21c951e653302b6e6a8e4f7e)

commit 5eac0a9ec0f1285221763b6b297d00ecb2912830
Author: yliu <yliu@apache.org>
Date:   2015-03-12T18:26:16Z

    HADOOP-11710. Make CryptoOutputStream behave like DFSOutputStream wrt synchronization.
(Sean Busbey via yliu)
    (cherry picked from commit 813c93cb250d6d556604fe98845b979970bd5e18)

commit 815487b3cbf156ea3bd1b6b6959539b7b8a734ce
Author: Tsuyoshi Ozawa <ozawa@apache.org>
Date:   2015-03-15T05:17:35Z

    HADOOP-11558. Fix dead links to doc of hadoop-tools. Contributed by Masatake Iwasaki.
    (cherry picked from commit 7da136ecca4dafc83ef69b5d9980fa5b67ada084)

commit e28e2e4f5287b2b48e0fe4439ea4f924869dd113
Author: Tsuyoshi Ozawa <ozawa@apache.org>
Date:   2015-03-15T05:28:17Z

    Revert "HADOOP-11558. Fix dead links to doc of hadoop-tools. Contributed by Masatake Iwasaki."
    This reverts commit 815487b3cbf156ea3bd1b6b6959539b7b8a734ce.

commit f9c18fd610bbb7d3d990a34a5757e5799b72189f
Author: Tsuyoshi Ozawa <ozawa@apache.org>
Date:   2015-03-15T05:17:35Z

    HADOOP-11558. Fix dead links to doc of hadoop-tools. Contributed by Jean-Pierre Matsumoto.
    (cherry picked from commit 79426f3334ade5850fbf169764f540ede00fe366)

commit 6ee45ae3a87a280db705053c1e7f9c22a7552845
Author: Xuan <xgong@apache.org>
Date:   2015-03-16T03:26:10Z

    YARN-3171. Sort by Application id, AppAttempt and ContainerID doesn't
    work in ATS / RM web ui. Contributed by Naganarasimha G R
    (cherry picked from commit 3ff1ba2a7b00fdf06270d00b2193bde4b56b06b3)

commit 2b2f7f2b9095d45f4197d5e3ba0c65a6995ec1fd
Author: Tsuyoshi Ozawa <ozawa@apache.org>
Date:   2015-03-16T14:19:05Z

    YARN-1453. [JDK8] Fix Javadoc errors caused by incorrect or illegal tags in doc comments.
Contributed by Akira AJISAKA, Andrew Purtell, and Allen Wittenauer.
    (cherry picked from commit 3da9a97cfbcc3a1c50aaf85b1a129d4d269cd5fd)

commit d702816e7db06f0c7143b18d4557b92307c4796b
Author: Zhijie Shen <zjshen@apache.org>
Date:   2015-03-16T17:52:32Z

    YARN-2854. Updated the documentation of the timeline service and the generic history service.
Contributed by Naganarasimha G R.
    (cherry picked from commit fbe811d904d4325ae17a83071c841755461f52b7)

commit ad4d704fbb6a17e795aeb1d5cc692a6681ebec68
Author: Konstantin V Shvachko <shv@apache.org>
Date:   2015-03-16T18:49:52Z

    HDFS-7886. Fix TestFileTruncate falures. Contributed by Plamen Jeliazkov and Konstantin

commit 389b28033a3b73397e946a0e9090380c83ecfe86
Author: cnauroth <cnauroth@apache.org>
Date:   2015-03-16T20:26:57Z

    HADOOP-11638. OpensslSecureRandom.c pthreads_thread_id should support FreeBSD and Solaris
in addition to Linux. Contributed by Kiran Kumar M R.
    (cherry picked from commit 72cd4e4a4eb2a9f8695d4c67eb55dd2be36c52dc)

commit 473b445c489aea84568799828f7e164bf4abbee2
Author: Suresh Srinivas <suresh@apache.org>
Date:   2012-06-27T19:32:21Z

    HADOOP-8059. Add javadoc to InterfaceAudience and InterfaceStability. Contributed by Brandon
    git-svn-id: https://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/hadoop/common/trunk@1354684 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
    (cherry picked from commit 24c4216bf0d75006fb218d743183f96658bea65c)
    (cherry picked from commit 3a783fe38dd3520568ed2310ee8ea896fe44a109)

commit 3718207e4606dc4da99e1db0f3a005e8db5149a7
Author: cnauroth <cnauroth@apache.org>
Date:   2015-03-16T21:31:35Z

    Revert "HADOOP-11449 / HADOOP-10320 ; reverting patch 6cda3a7 which triggered regression
in javadocs on some java8 compilers (stevel on behalf of cnauroth)"
    This reverts commit fe7df5b4d87298571da45562402976810899b6a9.
    (cherry picked from commit ef2a66b246553e60b27c26f848e00ef28230b990)

commit f15a2b23ca46ff12b3f588d20f8738621451ca95
Author: Tsuyoshi Ozawa <ozawa@apache.org>
Date:   2015-03-16T23:09:55Z

    YARN-3349. Treat all exceptions as failure in TestFSRMStateStore#testFSRMStateStoreClientRetry.
Contributed by Zhihai Xu.
    (cherry picked from commit 7522a643faeea2d8a8e2c7409ae60e0973e7cf38)

commit ef9d46dcb6bc71f1ad6ce5b2e439cd443b589224
Author: yliu <yliu@apache.org>
Date:   2015-03-16T23:25:58Z

    HDFS-7838. Expose truncate API for libhdfs. (yliu)

commit 647d9ae27a0d498b5f95bd4f311afa9d7647ea6e
Author: Colin Patrick Mccabe <cmccabe@cloudera.com>
Date:   2015-03-15T05:36:46Z

    HDFS-7915. The DataNode can sometimes allocate a ShortCircuitShm slot and fail to tell
the DFSClient about it because of a network error (cmccabe)
    (cherry picked from commit bc9cb3e271b22069a15ca110cd60c860250aaab2)
    (cherry picked from commit c71b54fa32ef9149692269a95c918506e338e181)

commit 03b979b8a51efd8452b1db81d878996482966cee
Author: Colin Patrick Mccabe <cmccabe@cloudera.com>
Date:   2015-03-16T19:02:10Z

    HADOOP-11714. Add more trace log4j messages to SpanReceiverHost (cmccabe)
    (cherry picked from commit bf3275dbaa99105d49520e25f5a6eadd6fd5b7ed)
    (cherry picked from commit eb4eb63de3b929d154360e20abb895f0e14134cf)

commit 861cc050929899a2f5db1d594c08b5ca1ef46434
Author: Colin Patrick Mccabe <cmccabe@cloudera.com>
Date:   2015-03-12T19:00:18Z

    HDFS-7722. DataNode#checkDiskError should also remove Storage when error is found. (Lei
Xu via Colin P. McCabe)
    (cherry picked from commit b49c3a1813aa8c5b05fe6c02a653286c573137ca)
    (cherry picked from commit 7455412a241486a86ad4232f2eaa666c6454329e)

commit 51c374ac1983239351c2d37eb6a9fd7332a35884
Author: Tsuyoshi Ozawa <ozawa@apache.org>
Date:   2015-03-17T07:09:21Z

    HADOOP-11720. [JDK8] Fix javadoc errors caused by incorrect or illegal tags in hadoop-tools.
Contributed by Akira AJISAKA.
    (cherry picked from commit ef9946cd52d54200c658987c1dbc3e6fce133f77)

commit d2dad744215fd028405f5b57abcd002915827787
Author: Colin Patrick Mccabe <cmccabe@cloudera.com>
Date:   2015-03-17T17:47:21Z

    HDFS-7940. Add tracing to DFSClient#setQuotaByStorageType (Rakesh R via Colin P. McCabe)
    (cherry picked from commit d8846707c58c5c3ec542128df13a82ddc05fb347)
    (cherry picked from commit 455d4aa8a12920fccad1bcde715f6fb6d9a63561)

commit 47e6fc2bf9c3731594a37c74089411ccc44a5221
Author: Karthik Kambatla <kasha@apache.org>
Date:   2015-03-17T19:31:15Z

    Revert "YARN-3181. FairScheduler: Fix up outdated findbugs issues. (kasha)"
    This reverts commit c2b185def846f5577a130003a533b9c377b58fab.
    (cherry picked from commit 32b43304563c2430c00bc3e142a962d2bc5f4d58)

commit 26c35438f3681c157aae86a5de135c03315969f9
Author: Arpit Agarwal <arp@apache.org>
Date:   2015-03-18T04:29:19Z

    HDFS-7946. TestDataNodeVolumeFailureReporting NPE on Windows. (Contributed by Xiaoyu Yao)

commit 54e63c52c9741a59c9b1d1efe0814496b595df18
Author: Jian He <jianhe@apache.org>
Date:   2015-03-18T05:05:23Z

    Backport part of YARN-3273 to rename CapacitySchedulerLeafQueueInfo#aMResourceLimit to
AMResourceLimit. Contributed by Rohith Sharmaks

commit 5293ae03118af75b55cbd33159ea3d8d84d680da
Author: Haohui Mai <wheat9@apache.org>
Date:   2015-03-18T18:08:08Z

    HDFS-7953. NN Web UI fails to navigate to paths that contain #. Contributed by kanaka
kumar avvaru.

commit 8944bb3d2e4e1e948c2265744b4aa62b29db4988
Author: Arpit Agarwal <arp@apache.org>
Date:   2015-03-18T19:26:00Z

    HDFS-7948. TestDataNodeHotSwapVolumes#testAddVolumeFailures failed on Windows. (Contributed
by Xiaoyu Yao)

commit 502c040c97fb1c4ab2a560b602ccd514b31f3131
Author: Jason Lowe <jlowe@apache.org>
Date:   2015-03-18T19:29:56Z

    MAPREDUCE-6277. Job can post multiple history files if attempt loses connection to the
RM. Contributed by Chang Li
    (cherry picked from commit 30da99cbaf36aeef38a858251ce8ffa5eb657b38)

commit ae6d273d63fdd8234bd420f63009496b57fd9dc5
Author: Arpit Agarwal <arp@apache.org>
Date:   2015-03-18T19:33:59Z

    HDFS-7950. Fix TestFsDatasetImpl#testAddVolumes failure on Windows. (Contributed by Xiaoyu

commit 2b589da7793cffcfb566095639942fb7d811844c
Author: Arpit Agarwal <arp@apache.org>
Date:   2015-03-18T19:45:46Z

    HDFS-7951. Fix NPE for TestFsDatasetImpl#testAddVolumeFailureReleasesInUseLock on Linux.
(Contributed by Xiaoyu Yao)

commit 5f7926dcf097b489fdac5f91dc6498df874e3283
Author: Arpit Agarwal <arp@apache.org>
Date:   2015-03-18T19:52:42Z

    Fix CHANGES.txt for HDFS-7722.

commit 482aeee784eb2e05c80680722687aebd5f8daedf
Author: Haohui Mai <wheat9@apache.org>
Date:   2015-03-18T20:33:41Z

    HDFS-7697. Mark the PB OIV tool as experimental. Contributed by Lei (Eddy) Xu.

commit bb986988d44fe534e814aae093b5851b66ed3321
Author: Arpit Agarwal <arp@apache.org>
Date:   2015-03-18T21:03:35Z

    HDFS-7914. TestJournalNode#testFailToStartWithBadConfig fails when the default dfs.journalnode.http-address
port 8480 is in use. (Contributed by Xiaoyu Yao)


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