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From Steve Loughran <ste...@hortonworks.com>
Subject Re: building branch-2 on windows
Date Fri, 30 Oct 2015 14:20:01 GMT

On 28 Oct 2015, at 21:28, Chris Nauroth <cnauroth@hortonworks.com<mailto:cnauroth@hortonworks.com>>

I just confirmed that I can build the release-2.6.2-RC0 tag from source on
Windows, including the native components.

For zlib, my setup is to have the source extracted in C:\zlib-1.2.7, and
that's where I point ZLIB_HOME.  The headers are in that directory.  I
have the built zlib1.dll in C:\zlib-1.2.7-bin\x64fre.  I include that
directory in my PATH at runtime.  This is only a requirement for the
runtime dynamic linking though, not a build requirement.  Running "hadoop
checknative" can confirm if the dynamic linking is working correctly.

Steve's output shows that it's trying to call CMake.  hadoop.dll and
winutils.exe are not built using CMake, so this makes me think that you
called the build with the -Pnative profile.  This profile is
*nix-specific.  For Windows, use -Pnative-win, or simply omit the
argument, because native-win is on by default in the pom.xml when Maven
detects the OS is Windows.

The other ZLIB_* environment variables you mentioned are not necessary,
unless these are somehow used indirectly in your own custom dev setup.  I
only set ZLIB_HOME.

--Chris Nauroth

Got it, -Pnative-win was the key

I have the 2.6.2-RC0 release building, hadoop-common tests are faiilng

Results :

Failed tests:
  TestUTF8.testGetBytes:58 expected:<???????[?]????????????> but was:<???????[?]????????????>
  TestUTF8.testIO:86 expected:<...????????????????????[?]????????????????????...> but
  TestDecayRpcScheduler.testAccumulate:136 expected:<3> but was:<2>
  TestDecayRpcScheduler.testPriority:203 expected:<2> but was:<1>
  TestSaslRPC.testKerberosServer:812->assertAuthEquals:978 expected:<.*RemoteException.*AccessControlException.*:
 authentication is not enabled.*> but was:<java.io.IOException: Failed on local exception:
java.io.IOException: An estab
lished connection was aborted by the software in your host machine; Host Details : local host
is: "morzine/"; d
estination host is: "morzine":57220; >
  TestProxyUserFromEnv.testProxyUserFromEnvironment:54 expected:<[a]dministrator> but

Tests in error:
  TestHttpCookieFlag.setUp:91 » Certificate Subject class type invalid.
  TestHttpCookieFlag.cleanup:147 NullPointer
  TestSSLHttpServer.setup:67 » Certificate Subject class type invalid.
  TestSSLHttpServer.cleanup:96 NullPointer
  TestSequenceFileAppend.testAppendBlockCompression:194->verify2Values:295 » IO ...
  TestSequenceFileAppend.testAppendSort:286 » IO not a gzip file
  TestSequenceFileAppend.testAppendRecordCompression:160->verify2Values:296 » IO
  TestReloadingX509TrustManager.testReloadCorruptTrustStore:147 » Certificate Su...
  TestReloadingX509TrustManager.testReload:86 » Certificate Subject class type i...
  TestReloadingX509TrustManager.testReloadMissingTrustStore:121 » Certificate Su...
  TestSSLFactory.testNoClientCertsInitialization:337->createConfiguration:64 » Certificate
ithPasswords:283 » Certificate
» Certificate
tWithPasswords:283 » Certificate
  TestSSLFactory.serverModeWithoutClientCertsSocket »  Unexpected exception, exp...
  TestSSLFactory.serverModeWithClientCertsSocket »  Unexpected exception, expect...
  TestSSLFactory.testConnectionConfigurator:180->createConfiguration:64 » Certificate
tWithPasswords:283 » Certificate
  TestSSLFactory.serverModeWithClientCertsVerifier »  Unexpected exception, expe...
ithPasswords:283 » Certificate
  TestSSLFactory.validHostnameVerifier:130->createConfiguration:64 » Certificate
  TestSSLFactory.clientMode »  Unexpected exception, expected<java.lang.IllegalS...
  TestSSLFactory.testNoTrustStore:349->createConfiguration:64 » Certificate Subj...
  TestSSLFactory.serverModeWithoutClientCertsVerifier »  Unexpected exception, e...
  TestSecurityUtil.isOriginalTGTReturnsCorrectValues:57 » IllegalArgument Empty ...

Tests run: 2752, Failures: 6, Errors: 25, Skipped: 140

looking at these, they generally come in as OpenSSL/Kerberos stuff, which could be pointed
down to the openssl and JDK versions -though the 2.6.2 release is meant to have the JDK8 kerberos
patch, and some possible hostname/username discrepancy bugs.
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