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From "Gangumalla, Uma" <uma.ganguma...@intel.com>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Merge HDFS-7285 (erasure coding) branch to trunk
Date Wed, 23 Sep 2015 00:50:00 GMT

Great addition to HDFS. Thanks all contributors for the nice work.


On 9/22/15, 3:40 PM, "Zhe Zhang" <zhezhang@cloudera.com> wrote:

>I'd like to propose a vote to merge the HDFS-7285 feature branch back to
>trunk. Since November 2014 we have been designing and developing this
>feature under the umbrella JIRAs HDFS-7285 and HADOOP-11264, and have
>committed approximately 210 patches.
>The HDFS-7285 feature branch was created to support the first phase of
>erasure coding (HDFS-EC). The objective of HDFS-EC is to significantly
>reduce storage space usage in HDFS clusters. Instead of always creating 3
>replicas of each block with 200% storage space overhead, HDFS-EC provides
>data durability through parity data blocks. With most EC configurations,
>the storage overhead is no more than 50%. Based on profiling results of
>production clusters, we decided to support EC with the striped block
>in the first phase, so that small files can be better handled. This means
>dividing each logical HDFS file block into smaller units (striping cells)
>and spreading them on a set of DataNodes in round-robin fashion. Parity
>cells are generated for each stripe of original data cells. We have made
>changes to NameNode, client, and DataNode to generalize the block concept
>and handle the mapping between a logical file block and its internal
>storage blocks. For further details please see the design doc on
>HADOOP-11264 focuses on providing flexible and high-performance codec
>calculation support.
>The nightly Jenkins job of the branch has reported several successful
>and doesn't show new flaky tests compared with trunk. We have posted
>several versions of the test plan including both unit testing and cluster
>testing, and have executed most tests in the plan. The most basic
>functionalities have been extensively tested and verified in several real
>clusters with different hardware configurations; results have been very
>stable. We have created follow-on tasks for more advanced error handling
>and optimization under the umbrella HDFS-8031. We also plan to implement
>harden the integration of EC with existing features such as WebHDFS,
>snapshot, append, truncate, hflush, hsync, and so forth.
>Development of this feature has been a collaboration across many companies
>and institutions. I'd like to thank J. Andreina, Takanobu Asanuma,
>Vinayakumar B, Li Bo, Takuya Fukudome, Uma Maheswara Rao G, Rui Li, Yi
>Colin McCabe, Xinwei Qin, Rakesh R, Gao Rui, Kai Sasaki, Walter Su, Tsz Wo
>Nicholas Sze, Andrew Wang, Yong Zhang, Jing Zhao, Hui Zheng and Kai Zheng
>for their code contributions and reviews. Andrew and Kai Zheng also made
>fundamental contributions to the initial design. Rui Li, Gao Rui, Kai
>Sasaki, Kai Zheng and many other contributors have made great efforts in
>system testing. Many thanks go to Weihua Jiang for proposing the JIRA, and
>ATM, Todd Lipcon, Silvius Rus, Suresh, as well as many others for
>helpful feedbacks.
>Following the community convention, this vote will last for 7 days (ending
>September 29th). Votes from Hadoop committers are binding but non-binding
>votes are very welcome as well. And here's my non-binding +1.
>Zhe Zhang

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