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From "Colin P. McCabe" <cmcc...@apache.org>
Subject Re: CMake and CMAKE_LD_FLAGS
Date Mon, 15 Jun 2015 21:59:56 GMT
Hi Alan,

I think you are right that CMAKE_LD_FLAGS has never done anything, and
setting it was always a mistake.

The uses of CMAKE_LD_FLAGS in JNIFlags.cmake are harmless, since the
-m32 option is not needed for the linker.  However, it's more
concerning that hadoop-mapreduce-client-nativetask seems to be using
this macro to set "-no-undefined -version-info 0:1:0" and some other

Can you create a JIRA to change these uses over to the correct CMake
directive?  If you create a JIRA that makes only that change, it
should be pretty quick to review and commit.


On Thu, Jun 4, 2015 at 7:41 AM, Alan Burlison <Alan.Burlison@oracle.com> wrote:
> On 03/06/2015 21:23, Alan Burlison wrote:
>> hadoop-common-project/hadoop-common/src/JNIFlags.cmake sets the
>> CMAKE_LD_FLAGS variable to the flags required for the linker. However,
>> despite the name, CMAKE_LD_FLAGS is *not* a valid standard CMake
>> variable
> Confirmed, I've put nonsense flags in CMAKE_LD_FLAGS that should produce an
> invalid linker command-line and they don't appear in the generated makefiles
> and the build works fine. If I put the same nonsense flags in the proper
> variables then the build blows up as I'd expect.
> --
> Alan Burlison
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