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From Allen Wittenauer ...@altiscale.com>
Subject Re: checkstyle usage in hadoop
Date Mon, 29 Jun 2015 16:35:12 GMT

On Jun 27, 2015, at 1:53 PM, Roman Ivanov <ivanov-jr@mail.ru> wrote:

> Hi,


> I noticed Checksyle usage in Hadoop project  https://github.com/apache/hadoop/blob/trunk/hadoop-build-tools/src/main/resources/checkstyle/checkstyle.xml
> but latest sources generate about 200 errors by command "mvn clean compile checkstyle:check”

	Yup.  While Hadoop has had checkstyle enabled for a very long time, it’s pretty much been
ignored until recently when we integrated it with our pre-patch checks. 

> If Hadoop team fix all errors(warnings are not considered for now) I will put Hadoop
project to Checkstyle regression testing, 
> that will ensure no regressions on each commit to Checkstyle against Hadoop sources.
> Both of our project will benefit from that.

	Thank you for the offer!  It is much appreciated!

	There’s no doubt this would be a benefit to both teams and it would be tremendous to be
part of the checkstyle regression testing.  Realistically, however, unless someone from the
community steps up to make it a priority to fix the issues, we’ll likely remain broken for
a while. :(

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