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From Colin McCabe <cmcc...@alumni.cmu.edu>
Subject Re: Solaris Port
Date Wed, 10 Dec 2014 08:45:29 GMT
Hi Malcolm,

In general we file JIRAs for particular issues.  So if one issue is
handling errlist on Solaris, that might be one JIRA.  Another issue
might be handling socket write timeouts on Solaris.  And so on.  Most
of these should probably be HADOOP tickets since they sound like they
are mostly in the generic hadoop-common code.

"solaris does not have errno" seems like a bold statement.  errno is
part of POSIX, and Solaris is a POSIX os, right?  Am I way off base on
I googled around and one of the first results I found talked about
errno values on Solaris.
 Perhaps I misunderstood what you meant by this statement.

Anyway, please file JIRAs for any portability improvements you can think of!


On Mon, Dec 8, 2014 at 9:09 PM, malcolm <malcolm.kavalsky@oracle.com> wrote:
> Hi Colin,
> A short summary of my changes are as follows:
> - Native C source files: added 5,  modified 6, requiring also changes to
> CMakeLists.txt. Of course, all changes are "ifdeffed" for Solaris
> appropriately and new files, are prefixed with solaris_ as well.
> For example, Solaris does not have errno, or errlist any more which are used
> quite a lot in hadoop native code. I could have replaced all calls to use
> strerror instead which would be compatible with Linux, however in the
> interests of making minimal changes, I recreated and added these files from
> a running Solaris machine instead.
> Another issue is that Solaris doesn't have the timeout option for sockets,
> so I had to write my own solaris_read routine with timeout and added it to
> DomainSocket.c . A few issues with lz4 on Sparc needed modification, and
> some other OS specific issues: getgrouplist, container-executer (from yarn).
> - Some very minor changes were made to some Java source files (mainly tests
> to get them to pass on Solaris)
> The above changes were made to 2.2, I will recheck everything against the
> latest trunk, maybe some fixes aren't needed any more.
> I have generated a single patch file with all changes. Perhaps it would be
> better to file multiple JIRAs for each change, perhaps grouped, one per
> issue ? Or should I file a JIRA for each modified source file ?
> Thank you,
> Malcolm
> On 12/08/2014 09:53 PM, Colin McCabe wrote:
>> Hi Malcolm,
>> It's great that you are going to contribute!  Please make your patches
>> against trunk.
>> 2.2 is fairly old at this point.  It hasn't been the focus of
>> development in more than a year.
>> We don't use github or pull requests.
>> Check the section on http://wiki.apache.org/hadoop/HowToContribute
>> that talks about "Contributing your work".  Excerpt:
>> "Finally, patches should be attached to an issue report in Jira via
>> the Attach File link on the issue's Jira. Please add a comment that
>> asks for a code review following our code review checklist. Please
>> note that the attachment should be granted license to ASF for
>> inclusion in ASF works (as per the Apache License ยง5)."
>> As this says, you attach the patch file to a JIRA that you have
>> created, and then hit "submit patch."
>> I don't think a branch is required for this work since it is just
>> build fixes, right?
>> best,
>> Colin
>> On Mon, Dec 8, 2014 at 3:30 AM, malcolm <malcolm.kavalsky@oracle.com>
>> wrote:
>>> I have ported Hadoop  native libraries to Solaris 11 (both Sparc and
>>> Intel )
>>> Oracle have agreed to release my changes to the community so that Solaris
>>> platforms can benefit.
>>> Reading the HowToContribute and GitandHadoop documents, I am not 100%
>>> clear
>>> on how to get my changes into the main tree. I am also a Git(hub) newbie,
>>> and was using svn previously.
>>> Please let me know if I am going the correct path:
>>> 1. I forked Hadoop on Github and downloaded a clone to my development
>>> machine.
>>> 2. The changes I made were to 2.2.0, can I still add changes to this
>>> branch,
>>> and hopefully get them accepted or must I migrate my changes to 2.6 ? (On
>>> the main Hadoop download page, 2.2 is still listed as the GA version )
>>> 3. I understand that I should create a new branch for my changes, and
>>> then
>>> generate pull requests after uploading them to Github.
>>> 4. I also registered  at Jira in the understanding that I need to
>>> generate a
>>> Jira number for my changes, and to name my branch accordingly ?
>>> Does all this make sense ?
>>> Thanks,
>>> Malcolm

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