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From Allen Wittenauer ...@altiscale.com>
Subject Re: auto-generating changes.txt was: migrating private branches to the new git repo
Date Thu, 11 Sep 2014 01:17:45 GMT

Fixed the subtasks.

Hacked on my changes generator a bit more.  Source is in my github repo if anyone wants to
play with it. 

Here’s a (merged) 3.x changes.txt file from the current output built off of JIRA.  (The
unmerged versions are also created, but look pretty much identical.)


A couple of things stick out:

- Had to fix quite a few ‘assigned’ JIRAs.  Still missed some.
- Some of these should probably be moved to ‘New Feature’ type rather than ‘Improvement’
- Formatting is still a little off, esp Doug’s requirement to be able to read on his monitor.
- Sub-tasks aren’t handled particularly well, getting merged in with the rest.  I’m not
particularly sure it matters except when a major branch merge happened.  

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