Dear Madam,

I'am keeping as attachment relevant screen shots of running hive

Profile.png  shows contents of /etc/profile

hive_common_lib.png shows h-ve_common*.jar is already in $HIVE_HOME/lib  , here $HIVE_HOME is /home/yahoo/hive/build/dist as evident from classpath_err.png

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G Sudha

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Hi Mam,


Please let us know if the below solution works.


Thanks & Regards,

Sowmya Samuel


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Hi Sowmya,


This is a classpath problem. They have to check whether hive-common-*.jar is in hive home's lib directory. 






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Do you know what needs to be done here?  This is from Univ. guys


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To: Talanki Shobanbabu (Nokia-LC/Bangalore)
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Hi Shoban,


Can someone please provide a solution to this error if possible


Thanks & Regards,

Sowmya Samuel


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WE have doubts reg hive installation
We are herewith attaching screenshots for the same
path file for conf is not set
Can you give suggestions for the same
Thanking you
Dr G sudha Sadasivam