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From Amir Sanjar <v1san...@us.ibm.com>
Subject Re: hadoop build problems
Date Fri, 06 Apr 2012 13:54:53 GMT
we had similar problems will back. Here few tips that might help your
1) always start a newly downloaded build with clean option - ant clean
2) make sure you have your build path set correctly, example:
 export JAVA_HOME=/opt/jdk1.6.0_31
export PATH=/opt/jdk1.6.0_31/bin:$PATH
export CLASSPATH=/opt/jdk1.6.0_31/jre/lib

Best Regards
Amir Sanjar

Linux System Management Architect and Lead
IBM Senior Software Engineer
Phone# 512-286-8393
Fax#      512-838-8858

From:	Ranjan Banerjee <rbanerjee2@wisc.edu>
To:	hadoop_mailing_list <core-dev@hadoop.apache.org>
Date:	04/05/2012 07:33 PM
Subject:	hadoop build problems

  We were trying to build the hadoop source code but getting a
 lot of errors(100 to be precise). We used the ant package to build the
haddop. Tried it from both the HADOOP_HOME folder and the src folder but
 the errors continue to happen. Can someone please help us out.

Thanking you

Yours faithfully
Ranjan Banerjee

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