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From Ralph Castain <...@open-mpi.org>
Subject Help with error
Date Mon, 09 Apr 2012 16:10:41 GMT
Hi folks

I'm trying to develop an AM for the 0.23 branch and running into a problem that I'm having
difficulty debugging. My client relocates some supporting files to HDFS, creates the application
object for the AM, and submits it to the RM.

The file relocation request doesn't generate an error, so I must assume it succeeded. It would
be nice if there was some obvious way to verify that, but I haven't discovered it. Can anyone
give me a hint? I tried asking hdfs to -ls, but all I get is that "." doesn't exist. I have
no idea where the file would be placed, if it would persist once the job fails, etc.

When the job is submitted, all I get is an "Error 500", which tells me nothing. Reminds me
of the old days of 40 years ago when you'd get the dreaded "error 11", which meant anything
from a divide by zero to a memory violation. Are there any debug flags I could set that might
provide more info?


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