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From Evert Lammerts <Evert.Lamme...@sara.nl>
Subject dfs.https.enable, friend or foe
Date Sat, 17 Mar 2012 16:39:53 GMT
Before I create a jira issue, maybe somebody can shed some light on the idea behind dfs.https.enable.
We've enabled SPNEGO authentication on our webinterfaces, and I think the HTTP connection
should be encrypted - people with the right permissions can run administrative commands through
the NameNode webinterface, so man-in-the-middle attacks should be prevented.

Setting dfs.https.enable to 'true' works for enabling SSL. However, in combination with hadoop.security.authentication=kerberos
and dfs.https.need.client.auth=false this doesn't work on the NameNode; it *does* set up an
SSL socket but *doesn't* use my keystore. I can find where this happens in the (bit messy)
code - the conditional paths are wrong at one point, basically because it stops making a difference
between dfs.https.enable and dfs.https.need.client.auth. This happens in NameNode, Krb5AndSslSocketConnector,
and HttpServer. I could fix this and add SSL without client authentication, but that's intrusive
since I'd need to change some method signatures (of methods DataNode and SecondaryNameNode
also depend on).

But maybe I've been understanding this wrong. The bug might be that dfs.https.enable enables
SSL even without dfs.https.need.client.auth. Is see that HDFS-2617 discusses taking out KSSL
in favor of SPNEGO. I don't know what KSSL is, but I'm guessing it is client-side certificate
authentication using Kerberos tickets. Taking that out if fine (SPNEGO works for us) but then
what about encryption on the line? Or is it common practice to just not access the NN webinterface
as an admin from outside of a trusted network, or just access it through a VPN?

Can anybody tell me what the idea of dfs.https.enable is? And how this is supposed to work
in combination with hadoop.security.authentication and dfs.https.need.client.auth?

Evert Lammerts

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