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From Raghu Reddy <rre...@psc.edu>
Subject Is it possible to use AF_UINX sockets in hadoop?
Date Thu, 24 Nov 2011 20:56:33 GMT
Currently I'm experimenting with version 0.20.

I would like to modify it so that it uses Unix Domain Sockets instead of 
INET sockets because we will be using this on a single node with a large 
number of cores.

I would like to use junixsockets 1.3 implementation of AFUNIXSocket in 
place of INET sockets.

The first question is is this possible?

For the clients, it appears that one can provide a socket factory that 
returns AFUNIXSocket.  The problem seems to be to get the servers to use a 
different implementation because the servers are using 
ServerSocketChannels, and according to:


it is not possible to specify SocketImpl.

I have tried to use ServerSocket.setSocketFactory() to try and set a 
different implementation, but I have not yet figured out if this is working 
or not.

Does anyone have any idea if this is supposed to work?  Is there a better 
way of accomplishing this?



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