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From Christopher Smith <cbsm...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: A pluggable external sort for Hadoop MR
Date Tue, 26 Apr 2011 15:41:31 GMT
Aren't you worried that the overhead of shoving all that data through an external sort facility
would outweigh any benefits from the algo?


On Apr 26, 2011, at 8:34 AM, "Asokan, M" <masokan@syncsort.com> wrote:

> Hi All,
> I am submitting this notice of intent to contribute to the Hadoop community on behalf
of Syncsort, Inc. (www.syncsort.com<http://www.syncsort.com>) an interface for an external
sorter.  Although Hadoop MR (Map/Reduce) provides users with pluggable InputFormat, Mapper,
Partitioner, Combiner, Reducer, and OutputFormat it does not provide a plug-in for an external
sorter. There is limited support to plug in a sorter class in the Map phase.  The merge logic
in the Reduce phase cannot be changed.  Also, the sorting process is tightly coupled to the
> The goal of our project is to decouple the sorting process and contribute a defined clean
interface to allow developers to easily plug in external sorters through this interface. 
> The following are some of the motivating factors for this project (not in any order of
> ·         An external sort plug-in will promote innovative implementations by developers
who have expertise in sort algorithms.
> ·         Hadoop developers can experiment with different sort implementations (in both
the Map and Reduce phases) without modifying the framework code.
> ·         An external implementation of sort can be very well optimized to take advantage
of OS and hardware architecture compared to the pure Java implementation in Hadoop.
> ·         The Hadoop implementation of sort is not self tuning. Users may be overwhelmed
by so many parameters to be specified to tune the performance of sort.
> ·         One of the top memory consumers in the MR child JVMs is the sort.  Users are
advised to set a reasonably high value for -mx argument to JVM. Failure to do so will result
in job termination. If the external sorter is implemented as a subprocess, it can adjust its
memory usage automatically and make sure that it does not fail. Besides, the memory needed
by the MR child JVM can be reduced to a meager 128 MB.
> ·         The performance of Hadoop sort may be at the mercy of JVM. See LUCENE-2504
in Hadoop Jira for a related performance regression issue. An external sorter implemented
in C or C++ and run as a subprocess will not suffer from these types of problems.
> ·         ETL tool vendors can complement Hadoop's strengths namely HDFS, job scheduling,
restartability, etc. with their sort technologies. This will enable Hadoop to make inroads
into IT shops that use traditional ETL tools.
> The goals of this project are:
> ·         The primary goal of this project is to allow users to seamlessly plug in the
external sorter to their existing MR applications. This is in contrast to the approach taken
by HCE (see MAPREDUCE-1270 in Hadoop Jira) which requires users to code their MR applications
in C++.
> ·         A secondary goal is to enable users of existing ETL tools to exploit Hadoop's
distributed processing framework.
> We are confident there will be interest in this contribution to the code to the Hadoop
community. I intend to provide a reference implementation of the interfaces defined in the
design. This reference implementation uses GNU sort command to do the sorting of text data.
> -- Asokan
> M. Asokan
> Technology Architect – Data Integration
> Syncsort Incorporated
> 50 Tice Boulevard, Woodcliff Lake, NJ 07677
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