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From Michel Albonico <bsd.albon...@gmail.com>
Subject Problems to start Hadoop through Java Classes
Date Thu, 18 Nov 2010 12:40:59 GMT
Hi everyone,

I'm having problems to creating a Java class to start Hadoop Cluster...

My NameNode e all datanodes are executing OK, I can create
directories, put files and remove them too... (bin/hadoop dfs -mkdir

But, I can not run a Job... The JobTracker and TaskTrackers apparently
are executing ok...

Can someone help me?

Below is part of my code...

To start the JobTracker:
Configuration conf = getConfMR();
job = new JobConf(conf);
JobTracker jobtracker = JobTracker.startTracker(job);

To start the TaskTrackers:
Configuration conf = getConfMR();
JobConf job = new JobConf(conf);
TaskTracker tt = new TaskTracker(job);

I trying to execute the PiEstimator, but it stop on the message: "Starting Job".

All workers are started with Java classes, they aren't start with
shelll command "bin/hadoop jobtracker/tasktracker..."

Michel Albonico
(49) 9913-2766
MSN: linucs@hotmail.com
E-mail: albonico@inf.ufpr.br

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