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From Hotmail Email Address <sxk1...@hotmail.com>
Subject Jira task 6891
Date Fri, 13 Aug 2010 02:55:05 GMT

> Hi Folks,
> Just following up on this JIRA task since I did not hear back from anyone:
> 1) Where do I need to commit my code to for this, is it in Trunk or 0.20.2, also FYI
the trunk branch doesn't have any examples or tests for those examples so I'd need to introduce
new packages for the examples as well as my junta tests.
> 2) I've created a junit test suite version 4 that drives all the examples inside Eclipse,
after I figure out which branch to introduce this patch into I'll commit my patch by introducing
a new ant target into the main hadoop build file.  Please let me know if there are issues
with taking this approach.
> 3) The MultifileWordCount example doesn't work in the 0.20.2 branch and doesn't exist
in the main branch, is there a version that works that I can use to add to my test suite?
> Looking for direction on these items before I commit my changes.

> Sent from my iPad

Sent from my iPad
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