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From Tom White <...@cloudera.com>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Hadoop 0.21.0 (candidate 2)
Date Fri, 20 Aug 2010 19:09:16 GMT
On Fri, Aug 20, 2010 at 10:32 AM, Doug Cutting <cutting@apache.org> wrote:
> +1
> I verified the checksum & signature and ran some of the example programs.  I
> also ran RAT to check that sources are licensed correctly.
> I only examined the merged artifact.  Do we need to release the others?

I think we can release just the merged artifact. It contains the
source code for the three subprojects, and you can build separate
binaries from it, if needed.

> The out-of-box experience isn't great.  There's no documentation at the
> top-level telling how to get started.  In a subsequent release we might add
> links to the various documents.
> Also, 'bin/start-all.sh' warns that one should use start-dfs.sh and
> start-mapred.sh instead, but those scripts, out-of-the-box, complain that
> that they can't find Common.

I think this is because HADOOP_HOME was not set. We can improve this
to default HADOOP_HOME if not set; I'll create a JIRA.

> There are some empty java source files in the release, namely:
> ./common/src/java/org/apache/hadoop/fs/ftp/FTPFileSystemConfigKeys.java
> ./hdfs/src/java/org/apache/hadoop/hdfs/server/namenode/metrics/NameNodeStatisticsMBean.java
> ./hdfs/src/java/org/apache/hadoop/hdfs/server/namenode/metrics/NameNodeStatistics.java
> ./hdfs/src/java/org/apache/hadoop/hdfs/server/datanode/metrics/DataNodeStatistics.java
> ./hdfs/src/java/org/apache/hadoop/hdfs/server/datanode/metrics/DataNodeStatisticsMBean.java

I've created HADOOP-6917 and HDFS-1349 to tackle these.

> These issues should not prevent this release, in my opinion.

With three binding PMC +1 votes, the vote passes. I'll start work to
push out the release.


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