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From Owen O'Malley <omal...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Hadoop Security
Date Mon, 22 Feb 2010 16:27:38 GMT

On Feb 22, 2010, at 7:18 AM, Segel, Mike wrote:

>  has anyone thought about how this could be extended in to HBase?

I don't think so, although you really should be asking on hbase-dev  
instead of common-dev. *smile*

To the extent that HBase (and the other projects) use Common's rpc and  
HttpServer, securing them will be easier, because the primitives will  
be available. I believe HBase has their own clone of rpc and therefore  
will need to rebase to Common's rpc if they want to secure the  

In terms up upper level projects, we've been testing Pig with security  
and only found a couple of issues. The vast majority of user code  
won't need to change at all. I believe in both cases Pig was doing  
something that they shouldn't have been doing. *smile*

> I realize this is Hadoop security, but eventually HBase and other  
> apps that sit on top of hadoop will have to deal with security  
> issues too.


> I'm not suggesting that a solution be worked out now, but that the  
> solution for Hadoop can be extended to cover the apps that sit on  
> top of Hadoop.

It is up to the individual sub-projects when they want to both  
integrate with security. Yahoo is pushing really hard to get security  
rolled out this year, so I'd expect the projects that they invest  
heavily in (Common, HDFS, MapReduce, ZooKeeper, Pig) to move quickly.

-- Owen

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