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From Chris Douglas <cdoug...@apache.org>
Subject Re: HDFS-758 in Hadoop-21 , Updates to Namenode health page
Date Tue, 08 Dec 2009 01:33:50 GMT
On Mon, Dec 7, 2009 at 2:27 PM, Allen Wittenauer
<awittenauer@linkedin.com> wrote:
> On 12/7/09 2:00 PM, "Sanjay Radia" <sradia@yahoo-inc.com> wrote:
>> Allen raises a good point that the rest of the community may  not need
>> some of the features that Yahoo finds useful internally.
> FWIW, I have no real issues with the change itself. I'm much more concerned
> that a UI enhancement was deemed so critical. So important was this
> enhancement that it required a vote for back porting after feature freeze.

I see this differently. The UI enhancement isn't critical, so it
requires a vote. If it were critical, it would simply be committed. As
0.21 is tested, if it is discovered that some features are unusable
but not broken, then voting on whether the feature is important enough
to merit a fix is a reasonable, if imperfect process. I hope that all
those experimenting with 0.21 consider correctness and usability of
new features; if a particular feature is awkward enough to merit a
patch, then we'll do this again, and consider the risk/reward as a

I respectfully, but emphatically disagree with the assertion that
forking our UI and administration tools would be positive for the
project, but the point is outside the scope of this thread.

> Meanwhile, other fixes and changes that do not impact Yahoo! for which
> patches have existed for a long time, sit there idle, uncommitted.

I'm not sure which issues you're referring to, but if the fixes and
changes are for 0.22, then holding off on those while 0.21 settles
seems consistent with the priority you identified earlier, i.e.
releasing 0.21. If there are patches you want to see in this release
that remain uncommitted, it would help to know which ones are in that

> It makes me wonder what the priorities truly are.  What does feature freeze
> actually mean?

The priority has always been a stable, usable 0.21. Feature freeze
means that the bar for new features/improvements to core is raised for
all the obvious reasons, and where it's not clear: the community
discusses it. -C

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