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From Andrei Dragomir <adrag...@adobe.com>
Subject How to build and deploy Hadoop 0.21 ?
Date Thu, 05 Nov 2009 10:34:50 GMT
Hello everyone.
We ran into a bunch of issues with building and deploying hadoop 0.21.  
It would be great to get some answers about how things should work, so  
we can try to fix them.

1. When checking out the repositories, each of them can be built by  
itself perfectly. BUT, if you look in hdfs it has mapreduce libraries,  
and in mapreduce it has hdfs libraries. That's kind of a cross- 
reference between projects.
	Q: Is this dependence necessary ? Can we get rid of it ?
	Q: if it's necessary, how does one build the jars with the latest  
version of the source code ? how are the jars in the scm repository  
created  (hadoop-hdfs/lib/hadoop-mapred-0.21-dev.jar) as long as there  
is a cross-reference ?
2. There are issues with the jar files and the webapps (dfshealth.jsp,  
etc). Right now, the only way to have a hadoop functioning system is  
to: build hdfs and mapreduce; copy everything from hdfs/build and  
mapreduce/build to common/build.
	Q: Is there a better way of doing this ? What needs to be fixed to  
have the webapps in the jar files (like on 0.20). Are there JIRA  
issues logged on this ?

We would really appreciate some answers at least related to where  
hadoop is going with this build step, so we can help with patches /  

Thank you,
   Andrei Dragomirt

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