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From Faisal Khan <faisal.n...@gmail.com>
Subject Task tracker shutdown given inactivity
Date Wed, 01 Jul 2009 18:38:52 GMT
Hi everyone,

Is it possible to configure Hadoop's TaskTracker in a way that it
shutdown itself once being idle (no task to run) for a configurable
amount of time?  I guess it
is not possible in current implementation. This feature is very useful
in situations (like of ours) where a MapReduce jobs can be scheduled
by a batch processing
system.  In other words, the ability to schedule and run a single
MapReduce job on a computing cluster that is also handling
non-MapReduce job and vacating
resources as soon as possible is very desirable for our high
throughput community.

Please let me know If you think this is already possible in Hadoop.
Otherwise, we would be happy to work on contributing a patch to
be included in  Hadoop to server this purpose.

Thanks for your help.

Condor Project

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