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From Nigel Daley <nda...@yahoo-inc.com>
Subject Re: Feature Designs and Test Plans
Date Fri, 21 Nov 2008 00:41:45 GMT

On Nov 20, 2008, at 10:54 AM, Doug Cutting wrote:

> Nigel Daley wrote:
>> I propose that before we commit issues marked as "New Feature",  
>> they must have:
>>  1. a design doc attachment
>>  2. a test plan attachment
>> (Templates to be provided for both)
> Clarifying test expectations is a good idea in principle.  I gather  
> that what you're after in (1) is an enumeration of new functionality

Yes, how the new feature interacts within the system and how to  
interact with it from outside the system (if applicable).

> and in (2) corresponding tests.  That sounds reasonable for large  
> new features, but might be overkill for small features, no?

I agree with Arun: "+1 with the expectation that common sense will  
prevail for smaller features".  I'll come up with some examples.

> I'd like to see the templates and some examples.  Documents would  
> preferably be in some open format, like HTML or plain text.

Ya, I'll work on these next if we have agreement in principle.

> Is there an assumption that, before the patch is committed, that the  
> tests in the plan will be implemented and passed?

Yes, for the automatable tests.

> Are these to be automated tests, with the goal that we'll end up  
> with automated regression tests for all features?

I think all tests should be enumerated in the test plan (positive and  
negative functional, system, scale, performance, etc) with the  
expectation that the positive and negative functional tests will be  
automated with JUnit.


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