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From Ashish Thusoo <athu...@facebook.com>
Subject Hive Roadmap (Some information)
Date Mon, 27 Oct 2008 18:28:56 GMT

Here are some of the things that we are working on internally at Facebook. We thought it would
be a good idea to let everyone know what is going on with Hive development. We will put this
up on the wiki as well.

1. Integrating Dynamic SerDe with the DDL. (Zheng/Pete) - This allows the users to create
typed tables along with list and map types from the DDL
2. Support for Statistics. (Ashish) - These stats are needed to make optimization decisions
3. Join Optimizations. (Prasad) - Mapside joins, semi join techniques etc to do the join faster
4. Predicate Pushdown Optimizations. (Namit) - pushing predicates just above the table scan
for certain situations in joins as well as ensuring that only required columns are sent across
map/reduce boundaries
5. Group By Optimizations. (Joydeep) - various optimizations to make group by faster
6. Optimizations to reduce the number of map files created by filter operations. (Dhrubha)
- Filters with a large number of mappers produces a lot of files which slows down the following
operations. This tries to address problems with that.
7. Transformations in LOAD. (Joydeep) - LOAD currently does not transform the input data if
it is not in the format expected by the destination table.
8. Schemaless map/reduce. (Zheng) - TRANSFORM needs schema while map/reduce is schema less.
9. Improvements to TRANSFORM. (Zheng) - Make this more intuitive to map/reduce developers
- evaluate some other keywords etc..
10. Error Reporting Improvements. (Pete) - Make error reporting for parse errors better
11. Help on CLI. (Joydeep) - add help to the CLI
12. Explode and Collect Operators. (Zheng) - Explode and collect operators to convert collections
to individual items and vice versa.
13. Propagating sort properties to destination tables. (Prasad) - If the query produces sorted
we want to capture that in the destination table's metadata so that downstream optimizations
can be enabled.

Other contributions from outside FB ...
1. JDBC driver (Michi Mutsuzaki @ stanford.edu, Raghu @ stanford.edu)
2. Fixes to CLI driver (Jeremy Huylebroeck)
3. Web interface...

Most of these have a JIRA associated. A lot of focus is on running things faster in Hive considering
that we have a good feature set now...

Comments/contributions are welcome. Please go to the JIRA and check out contrib/hive...


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