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From Amar Kamat <ama...@yahoo-inc.com>
Subject Re: prohibit jira comment edits
Date Wed, 17 Sep 2008 05:20:11 GMT
Doug Cutting wrote:
> Nigel Daley wrote:
>>> Should we perhaps only permit project admins to edit & remove comments?
>> +1
> To elaborate on my rationale: comments log a discussion.  If folks are 
> permitted to edit and remove their comments then they can make the 
> subsequent comments of others irrelevant.  Folks should use the same 
> care before submitting a comment as sending an email.
> To make things worse, Jira does not provide a 'diff'.  It is difficult 
> to tell what's been changed.  So when folks edit long comments, I 
> usually just ignore the edit, since I don't want to re-read the long 
> comment.
> It is easier for everyone following an issue if instead of editing, 
> follow up comments are added.  Every comment results in hundreds of 
> emails.  One wastes a large amount of other people's time each time 
> one edits a comment just to, e.g., correct a typo.  If you care, 
> proofread before you submit, otherwise, let it go.
I agree with Doug. But sometimes important confidential details like 
machine names, project names, usernames etc might slip in. I think 
changes should be monitored, if possible. Changes that might not have 
any effect on the  discussion should be allowed. Not sure if that can be 
done. Atleast a request to the admin for a change should be entertained :).
> Doug

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