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From Michael Gottesman <gotte...@reed.edu>
Subject Question on HiddenFileFilter Patch
Date Fri, 27 Jun 2008 22:34:16 GMT
Hello. I finished the hidden file filter patch off of the latest trunk 
(in case you are curious here it is in pastie http://pastie.org/223722).

But before I put it on the Jira, I noticed that the file structure was 
very different in the latest trunk from hadoop-0.17.0. I assume that is 
b/c the latest trunk is hudson or something along those lines.

This worries me since the impetous for this error is to fix a problem in 
a nutch patch so that nutch is compatible with hadoop-0.17.0.  So in 
other words I need this patch to go with hadoop-0.17.0, not necessarily 
with the developmental version (even though if you want to include it 
please be my guest.)

Any advice?


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