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From Samuel Guo <guosi...@gmail.com>
Subject everything becomes very slow when the number of writes is larger than the size of the cluster using *TestDFSIO* benchmark?
Date Wed, 14 May 2008 03:12:08 GMT
Hi all,

I run the *TestDFSIO* benchmark on a simple cluster of 2 nodes.
The file size is the same in all cases 2GB.
The number of files tried is 1,2,4,8(only write).
The bufferSize is 65536 bytes.
The file replication is 1.

the results as below:

files 1 2 4 8

write -- Throughout(mb/s) 52.89 52.31 23.06 22.25
-- Avg IO rate(mb/s) 54.18 53.23 24.03 22.77

read -- Throughout(mb/s) 79.17 60.77 20.15
-- Avg IO rate(mb/s) 79.18 61.33 22.01

It doesn't seem good. When the number of writes is larger than the size
of the cluster, everything become worse.

Can anyone explain why everything is getting very slow when the the
number of writes is close to or
larger than the size of the cluster?

Is there something wrong with my test or the cluster settings?

Hope for your reply.



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