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From Molconn Administrator <molconn_admin-2...@molconn.com>
Subject Using pseudo-distributed operation on multiple core CPU
Date Wed, 23 Apr 2008 21:13:55 GMT
Hello to the Hadoop Core development group,

I am interested as to weather or not I could use Hadoop in the 
pseudo-distributed mode to launch multiple client processes on all cores 
of a multi-core processor and then re-assemble the results.

Map-reduce is probably overkill for this kind of thing, but I have very 
limited engineering resources and can't really start from scratch with 
pipes or sockets or an MPI implementation.  If Hadoop can be configured 
to do this out of the box, that would be very useful.  I am also dumping 
my results into a Java database (H2), so it would be nice to keep the 
entire application in Java.

I would greatly appreciate any information that could be provided.



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