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From "Till Varoquaux" <till.varoqu...@gmail.com>
Subject Quiet mode in Configuration.java
Date Mon, 03 Mar 2008 17:27:40 GMT
I am currently trying to setup hadoop for a quick test run. I've spent
a couple of hours trying to track a pesky issue and I ended up reading
the source code to figure what is happening (it seems my configuration
is not properly taken in account). While reading the source I came
across the quietmode variable which is by default set to true. It is
my understanding that, when this variable is set to true, the
configuration parser will silently ignore any file not found. From my
cursory reading of the source It would also seem there is no way for a
user to change this variable without patching the source code.
Surely I must be mistaken, could someone please enlighten me.


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