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From Doug Cutting <cutt...@apache.org>
Subject Hadoop TLP?
Date Thu, 13 Dec 2007 23:21:38 GMT
I think it is time that we make Hadoop a top level project (TLP) at 
Apache, hadoop.apache.org, leaving our current home as a Lucene 
subproject.  HBase could become a sub-project, as could Pig (now 
incubating) and perhaps others.

Hadoop, unlike all other Lucene subprojects, does not use Lucene.  Its 
community has considerably less overlap with other Lucene subprojects 
than the rest. It also is beginning to have subproject-like things of 
its own, like HBase, pushing the boundaries of subproject management.

Many members of the Lucene PMC have little familiarity with the Hadoop 
community.  For example, HBase might like to nominate a new committer, 
but a majority of the Lucene PMC would find it difficult to evaluate 
this candidate, since they do not follow HBase development.  It would be 
better if such discussions could be made by a PMC that had 
representation from and broad familiarity with HBase.

Diversity is an issue with Hadoop becoming a TLP.  The majority of 
Hadoop committers are employed by Yahoo!.  But I think we can construct 
an initial PMC that is diverse enough to overcome this, with perhaps 
three folks from Yahoo!, two from Powerset, and three or four 
independent folks, so that Yahoo! does not have a majority on the PMC.

Would other members of the Hadoop community support this move?



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