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From Eric Baldeschwieler <eri...@yahoo-inc.com>
Subject Re: IMPORTANT: Changes to hadoop's configuration
Date Sun, 16 Sep 2007 23:48:00 GMT
Why did we accept a patch that fundamentally changes the user  
experience without requiring that the patch included updated  
documentation in forest of javadoc?

I propose that committers should reject feature patches that do not  
included documentation.



On a related note, does the release check for mapred-default.xml and  
warn if it exists?  Seems like a good idea.

On Sep 14, 2007, at 9:23 PM, Arun C Murthy wrote:

> Please note:
> If, and only if, you're running Hadoop from straight from the svn  
> *trunk*, as of Sept 12 Hadoop no longer uses the *mapred- 
> default.xml* file.
> Please move your mapred-default.xml configuration properties to  
> your *hadoop-site.xml*. Hadoop's configuration also supports the  
> notion of *final* parameters which, once specified, cannot be  
> overridden by subsequently loaded configuration files. These  
> changes will roll-out in the hadoop-0.15.0 release only.
> Currently, the only documentation on how the new configuration  
> works is at http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/HADOOP-785. Wiki  
> (or other) documentation, is forthcoming (http://issues.apache.org/ 
> jira/browse/HADOOP-1881).
> thanks,
> Arun

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