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From Eric Baldeschwieler <eri...@yahoo-inc.com>
Subject Re: [Lucene-hadoop Wiki] Update of "FAQ" by DevarajDas
Date Sat, 08 Sep 2007 06:14:53 GMT
I think we should also add an available RAM variable and then do a  
reasonable job of deriving a bunch of the other variables in these  
settings from that (we may need one for task trackers, one for  
namenodes and so on.

A lot of the memory related default settings make no sense on the  
boxes we use.

What RAM size should we assume is a reasonable default?
2GB? 1GB?

We are currently standardizing on 8.

On Sep 7, 2007, at 7:41 AM, Enis Soztutar wrote:

> Hadoop has been used in quite varying cluster sizes (in the range
> 1-2000), so am strongly in favor of as much automatic configuration as
> possible.
> Doug Cutting wrote:
> > Raghu Angadi wrote:
> >> Right now Namenode does not know about the cluster size before
> >> starting IPC server.
> >
> > Sounds like perhaps we should make the handler count, queue size,  
> etc.
> > dynamically adjustable, e.g., by adding Server methods for
> > setHandlerCount(), setQueueSize(), etc.  There's been talk of trying
> > to automatically adjust these within Server.java, based on load, and
> > that would be better yet, but short of that, we might adjust them
> > heuristically based on cluster size.
> >
> > The urgent thing, since we expect the best settings for large  
> clusters
> > to change, is to make it so that folks don't need to adjust these
> > manually, even if the automation is an ill-understood heuristic.  I
> > think we can easily get some workable heuristics into 0.15, but we
> > might not get be able to implement async responses or figure out how
> > to adjust it automatically in Server.java or whatever in that
> > timeframe.  Perhaps we should just change the defaults to be big
> > enough for 2000 nodes, but that seems like too big of a hammer.
> >
> > Doug
> >

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