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From Benjamin Reed <br...@yahoo-inc.com>
Subject Re: Copy on write for HDFS
Date Sat, 14 Jul 2007 10:57:02 GMT
I think you are saying that the copy never happens because there is never a 
write that will cause the copy. Copy on write is probably not the correct 
term both because there is not a write but also in the API I propose you 
don't really need to make a copy of another file, you are just basically 
grouping a set of existing blocks into a new file.

The reason I call it copy-on-write is because the data structures used are the 
same: you have a single block used by a separate file and you have a two 
files that may both reference a single block but another block in one file is 
not referenced by another file.

Anyone know a better name for this kind of semantics.

Creating one-block files doesn't help at all. Both because we don't want to 
deal with a bunch of one-block files and because even if the files are one 
block you still cannot have that one block referenced by two separate files.


On Lunes 09 Julio 2007, Konstantin Shvachko wrote:
> Copy on write was discussed in HADOOP-334 in the context of periodic
> checkpointing of the name-space.
> Other than that I remember a discussion about file clone() operation,
> which makes a new inode, but uses the
> same blocks as the original file, which are copied once they are
> modified or appended.
> But this functionality would be possible only if we had at least
> appends. Since hdfs does not support
> modifications the purpose of COW is going to be only to support grouping
> of blocks from different
> (or is it just one?) files.
> I think it is possible, but very non-possix.
> And you can always create one-block files and group them in directories
> instead.
> --Konstantin
> Benjamin Reed wrote:
> > I need to implement COW for HDFS for a project I'm working on. I
> > vaguely remember it being discussed before, but I can't find any
> > threads about it. I wanted to at least check for interest/previous
> > work before proceeding. Hard links would work for me as well, but they
> > are harder to implement. I was thinking of adding the following to the
> > client protocol:
> >
> > public void cow(String src, String clientName, boolean overwrite,
> > LocatedBlocks blocks) throws IOException;
> >
> > The call would simply create a new file and populate its contents with
> > the blocks contained in the LocatedBlocks.
> >
> > Apart from fast copies, it also allows fast truncations and extensions
> > of existing files.
> >
> > (This is not a hard link because it is possible that the set of blocks
> > may not correspond to any other file.)
> >
> > Has such a thing been discussed before?
> >
> > thanx
> > ben

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