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From "Bwolen Yang" <wbwo...@gmail.com>
Subject questions ant for building a patch
Date Fri, 15 Jun 2007 04:56:58 GMT

  ant -Djavac.args="-Xlint -Xmaxwarns 1000" clean test tar
on head of hadoop tree, I get lots of warnings.  e.g.,

    [javac] /home/bwolen/hadoop-trunk/src/test/org/apache/hadoop/ipc/TestRPC.jav
a:154: warning: [cast] redundant cast to java.lang.Object[]
    [javac]     Object[] voids = (Object[])RPC.call(ping, new Object[][]{{},{}},
    [javac]                      ^

    [javac] /home/bwolen/hadoop-trunk/src/test/org/apache/hadoop/mapred/TestSequenceFileInputFilter.java:32:
warning: [deprecation] org.apache.hadoop.mapred.InputFormatBase in
org.apache.hadoop.mapred has been deprecated
    [javac]   private static final Log LOG = InputFormatBase.LOG;

Are these expected or did I miss some configuration steps?


During unit test, I get
    [junit] Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoSuchMethodError:

Looking at ant's source
It does define
        public static void close(OutputStream device) {

I have also tried
 ant -lib ${ANT_HOME}/lib -Djavac.args="-Xlint -Xmaxwarns 1000" clean test tar
just in case lib/ant.jar didn't get pick up somehow.

suggestions on what I may have not setup properly?

I am using ant version 1.7.0 and sun jdk1.6.0_01.



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