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From "Bwolen Yang" <wbwo...@gmail.com>
Subject configs for large clusters
Date Mon, 11 Jun 2007 18:44:36 GMT

As a newbie to Hadoop, I have being wondering what's the best way to
configure my cluster, especially as one scales up.    After seeing
Doug's update to sort 900 performance, it occured to me that it may be
helpful to others to see configuration files examples, espeically for
large clusters.  Furthermore, if we can diff against the
configurations over time (and/or releases), we may be able to see how
Hadoop developers tune their own clusters (and hence follow suit :).
 Could the configs along with rough cluster specs be posted somewhere
on hadoop's website?  And perhaps encourage others (with different
system setups) to post similarly?

I'm also interested in seeing how people tune their clusters for
different kind of machines  (e.g, single disk machines vs 4-6 disk
machines), and hetergenous systems (different CPU power, disk size,
memory size...etc).   The hetergenous part arises for people who are
resource strapped and basically tried hard to put together a sizeable
system with whatever machines they have got.     In my case, bad
config can hurt as I add news machines (e.g., a machine with small
disk, fills up quicker and task scheduled there tend to die).



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