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From James Kennedy <james.kenn...@troove.net>
Subject Opening HRegionServer/HMaster/HClient for extension
Date Wed, 20 Jun 2007 16:11:37 GMT
For what i'm doing I found it necessary to extend 
HRegionServer/HRegion/HClient for some custom functionality.

Following good Java practice I see that the HBase code as been 
programmed defensively, keeping stuff private as much as possible.

However, for extensibility it would be nice if the servers/client were 
easy to extend.

Attached is a patch that makes several methods protected instead of 
private, adds getters to fields of inner classes, and some other 
modifications i found were useful for some simple extension code.

I didn't make this a Jira task because I wasn't sure if you guys 
approved of opening up the code like this but hopefully someone will 
find this useful.

- James K

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