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From Doug Cutting <cutt...@apache.org>
Subject Re: svn commit: r446695 - in /lucene/hadoop/trunk: CHANGES.txt src/java/org/apache/hadoop/mapred/JobConf.java
Date Fri, 15 Sep 2006 22:37:46 GMT
Andrzej Bialecki wrote:
> If you consider users that collected terabytes of data using 0.6.1, 
> there must be a way for them to upgrade this data to whatever release 
> comes next. My thinking was that if we have a release that contains both 
> UTF8 and Text, we could write a converter, to be included in application 
> packages e.g. in Nutch in this specific release only.

UTF8 it still there, it's just deprecated and no longer the default.

> Let's say I have data in SequenceFile-s and MapFile-s using 0.5.x 
> formats. How would I go about converting them from UTF8 to Text? Would 
> the current code read the data produced by 0.5.x code?

SequenceFiles and MapFiles with UTF8 data can still be written and read 
just fine, since SequenceFile names the classes of its keys and values 
in the file header.  SequenceFile's format has changed, but the change 
is back-compatible, i.e., 0.6 can read sequence files written by 0.5, 
but not vice-versa.

To convert code will require code changes, and code changes may also be 
required to get things to run correctly, since TextInputFormat now 
returns Text instances rather than UTF8 instances.  Code changes are 
also required for things which relied on the default value types (mostly 
things which also used TextInputFormat).

We could find no way to seamlessly upgrade UTF8 so that it was no longer 
limited to less than 64k bytes, so decided it was better to make a clear 
break.  This also permitted us to change to using real UTF-8, rather 
than Java's modified UTF-8 encoding. 

>> So should we revert these in 0.6?
> This looks like a lot of work ... perhaps we should just burn bridges, 
> and make a 0.7.0 at this point, because it's definitely not API 
> compatible with 0.6.1.

But 0.6.0 has not yet been a stable release that folks could use.

> As for Nutch ... it could be upgraded to 0.6.1. On the other hand, Nutch 
> is not compatible with 0.6.1 either, so perhaps it should be upgraded to 
> 0.7.0 (plus a suitable converter for existing data).

I think we should release 0.6.2 with this patch, and update Nutch to use 
that release.  In general, we should probably not update Nutch until 
Hadoop releases are stable, which sometimes takes a week.  This is 
isomorphic to calling it 0.7.0, but is more consistent with our monthly 
releases with bugfix point releases in the first week.  With a monthly 
release schedule we cannot afford to do a lot of testing (alphas, betas, 
etc.) before releases are made.  If an incompatible change is 
half-completed, then I think it's reasonable to complete it as a bugfix 
rather than force a new major version number.


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