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From Frédéric Bertin <frederic.ber...@anyware-tech.com>
Subject Re: eclipse-based gui to browse a HDFS or launch MR jobs
Date Fri, 01 Sep 2006 08:20:57 GMT
ok, let me some little time to make some code cleanup and I'll submit it 
(hopefully by next week).


Doug Cutting wrote:
> This sounds like it might make a good contrib module.  Please submit a 
> "new feature" issue and attach it as a patch.
> Thanks!
> Doug
> Frédéric Bertin wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> to increase productivity in our current project (which makes a heavy 
>> use of Hadoop), I wrote a small Eclipse-based GUI application which 
>> basically consists in 2 views:
>>    *  a HDFS explorer adapted from Eclipse filesystem explorer example.
>>      For now, it includes the following features:
>>          o classical tree-based browsing interface, with directory
>>            content being detailed in a 3 columns table (file name, file
>>            size, file type)
>>          o refresh button
>>          o delete file or directory (with confirm dialog): select files
>>            in the tree or table and click the "Delete" button
>>          o rename file or directory: simple click on the file in the
>>            table, type the new name and validate
>>          o open file with system editor: select the file in the table
>>            and click "Open" button (works on Windows, not on Linux)
>>          o internal drag & drop
>>          o external drag & drop from the local filesystem to the HDFS
>>            (the opposite doesn't work)
>>    * a MapReduce *very* simple job launcher:
>>          o select the job XML configuration file
>>          o run the job
>>          o kill the job
>>          o visualize map and reduce progress with progress bars
>>          o open a browser on the Hadoop job tracker web interface
>> Do you see any interest for such a tool in Hadoop (or in a connate 
>> project)? If yes, I see no problem contributing it. However I don't 
>> know what is your current thinking about providing Hadoop with some 
>> GUI functions? Indeed it may overlap with the current Web-based 
>> interface.
>> WDYT?
>> Fred

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