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From Sami Siren <ssi...@gmail.com>
Subject bug or a feature?
Date Wed, 23 Aug 2006 15:39:52 GMT
Currently o.a.h.m.JobConf has construcor:
JobConf(Configuration conf, Class exampleClass)

which calls
    this(conf) which has

initialize method has:

    which leads to properties of JobConf to be cleared ->
    reload is triggered.

This leads to the fact that the conf values submitted to constructor are 
not actually used, well they
kind of are for a short time because the properties are copied in 
constructor of Configuration, but then
there comes the addDefaultResource which leads to properties being 
flushed and
config resources reparsed and dynamically set values get lost.

I see that javadoc only talks about inheriting the settings, but is it 
really supposed to be working
the way it is now or should the submitted (possibly dynamically set) 
configuration variables and
values be preserved?
 Sami Siren

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