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From Isabel Drost <idr...@HTWM.De>
Subject Fwd: Re: nitpicking: nutch tutorial/ missing option
Date Tue, 16 May 2006 08:57:57 GMT

Hello *,

I am just about to have a look at the new nutch 0.8 after six months
of "holidays" :) Looks really great. Although I will need some time to get
back into the code and realize what I would like to implement.

Just a little nitpicking documentationwise: At


there is a great tutorial for nutch newbies. Yet there seems to be a
missing option in the following line:

 bin/nutch invertlinks crawl/linkdb crawl/segments

I got that line working with

 bin/nutch invertlinks crawl/linkdb -dir crawl/segments

I cannot edit that page, that's why I am sending this by mail. Doug asked me 
to forward the request to this mailing list, so I guess someone of you has 
the access rights ;) Or at least you can prove me wrong, in case I missed 


Btw.: Some commands do not work as suggested with non-Bash shells. But I
guess an experienced user can figure that out for himself quite easily.

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