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From Apache Wiki <wikidi...@apache.org>
Subject [Hadoop Wiki] Update of "Hbase/Plan-0.2/APIChanges" by Misty
Date Fri, 23 Oct 2015 07:29:24 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

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The "Hbase/Plan-0.2/APIChanges" page has been changed by Misty:

- = Changes to HBaseAdmin and HTable between HBase 0.1.3 and 0.2 =
+ The HBase Wiki is in the process of being decommissioned. The info that used to be on this
page has moved to http://hbase.apache.org/book.html#hbase.versioning. Please update your bookmarks.
- == General Changes ==
- The APIs for both `HBaseAdmin` and `HTable` have significantly changed between versions
0.1.3 and 0.2.x.  0.2.x is NOT backward-compatible.  The following document summarizes the
key differences that are most important for developers wishing to use these classes.  For
more information, see the full API documentations for [[http://hadoop.apache.org/hbase/docs/current/api/index.html|0.1.3]]
and [0.2].
- A general difference in both `HBaseAdmin` and `HTable` is a transition away from using Hadoop's
`Text` class (package `org.apache.hadoop.io`) and toward using `byte[]` as a replacement.
 All methods from 0.1.3 that returned either `Text` or `Text[]` now return either `byte[]`
or `byte[][]` or the fatter `RowResult`.  HBase 0.2 has not completely abandoned the use of
`Text`.  All methods that once accepted parameters of type `Text` are now overloaded to support
`Text`, `String`, or `byte[]` as parameters.  The following API changes from `HBaseAdmin`
demonstrate this overloading:
- ''0.1.3:''
- <<BR>> {{{public void addColumn(Text, HColumnDescriptor);}}}
- <<BR>> {{{public void deleteColumn(Text, Text);}}}
- ''0.2:''
- <<BR>> {{{public void addColumn(Text, HColumnDescriptor);}}}
- <<BR>> {{{public void addColumn(String, HColumnDescriptor);}}}
- <<BR>> {{{public void addColumn(byte[], HColumnDescriptor);}}}
- <<BR>> {{{public void deleteColumn(Text, Text);}}}
- <<BR>> {{{public void deleteColumn(String, String);}}}
- <<BR>> {{{public void deleteColumn(byte[], byte[]);}}}
- == HBaseAdmin ==
- Aside from the method overloading described above, `HBaseAdmin` has not significantly changed.
 HBase 0.2 adds the following new methods to `HBaseAdmin`:
- ''0.2:''
- <<BR>> {{{public boolean isTableEnabled(Text);}}}
- <<BR>> {{{public boolean isTableEnabled(String);}}}
- <<BR>> {{{public boolean isTableEnabled(byte[]);}}}
- <<BR>> {{{public void modifyTableMeta(byte[] HTableDescriptor);}}}
- The only method in `HBaseAdmin` from 0.1.3 that no longer exists in HBase 0.2 is `checkReservedTableName(Text)`.
 These changes aside, the API and functional capability of `HBaseAdmin` has not drastically
changed between versions 0.1.3 and 0.2.
- == HTable ==
- `HTable` has experienced far more significant changes to its API and functional capability.
 The biggest change is the way in which row updates are performed.  In HBase 0.1.3, `HTable`
had its own support for atomic row insertions and changes.  The following methods existed
in `HTable` and aided the row updating process:
- ''0.1.3:''
- <<BR>> {{{public synchronized long startUpdate(Text);}}}
- <<BR>> {{{public void put(long, Text, byte[]);}}}
- <<BR>> {{{public void put(long, Text, Writable);}}}
- <<BR>> {{{public void delete(long, Text);}}}
- <<BR>> {{{public synchronized void checkUpdateInProgress();}}}
- <<BR>> {{{public synchronized void abort(long);}}}
- <<BR>> {{{public synchronized void commit(long, long);}}}
- <<BR>> {{{public void commit(long);}}}
- `startUpdate(Text)` was used to start an atomic row update on the passed row name, and a
"lock id" (`long`) was returned to identify the update.  `put(...)` and `delete(...)` could
be called using the lock id, and any changes made with that lock id could be aborted or committed.
- HBase 0.2 has completely changed the way in which atomic row updates take place.  To update
a row, the user first creates a `BatchUpdate` object.  `put(...)` and `delete(...)` operations
are applied to the `BatchUpdate`, not the `HTable`.  Once finished, the user commits the `BatchUpdate`
with one of the following new `HTable` methods:
- ''0.2:''
- <<BR>> {{{public synchronized void commit(BatchUpdate);}}}
- <<BR>> {{{public synchronized void commit(List<BatchUpdate>);}}}
- Aside from the transition from Text toward `byte[]` and the addition of the `BatchUpdate`
structure, `HTable` has experienced a number of other API changes: 
-  *  In 0.1.3, package-private `getRegionLocation(...)` took parameters of either `(Text)`
or `(Text, boolean)`.  In 0.2, `getRegionLocation(...)` has become public and only accepts
parameters of either `(Text)`, `(String)`, or `(byte[])`; the boolean "reload" option no longer
-  * In 0.1.3, the `HTable` constructor took parameters of either `(HBaseConfiguration, Text)`.
 In 0.2, the `HBaseConfiguration` parameter has become optional and as such there are now
6 different constructors (with or without the `HBaseConfiguration` parameter, and with the
`Text` parameter varying as either `Text`, `String`, or `byte[]`).  
-  * `public HTableDescriptor getMetadata()` has been replaced in 0.2 by `public HTableDescriptor
getTableDescriptor()`;  `getMetadata()` still exists in 0.2, although it is marked as deprecated.
 Additionally, both `getTableDescriptor()` and `getMetadata()` now return `UnmodifyableHTableDescriptor`
(new to 0.2, package `org.apache.hadoop.hbase.client`, a subclass of `HTableDescriptor`),
although the return type of both methods is still `HTableDescriptor`.  
-  * In 0.1.3, all `get(...)` methods had a return type of `byte[]`.  In 0.2, these methods
now return a `Cell` (new to 0.2, package `org.apache.hadoop.hbase.io`).
-  * In 0.1.3, all `getRow(...)` methods had a return type of `SortedMap<Text, byte[]>`.
 In 0.2, these methods now return a `RowResult` (new to 0.2, package `org.apache.hadoop.hbase.io`).
-  * The methods `obtainScanner(...)` from 0.1.3 have been renamed `getScanner(...)` in 0.2.
 Moreover, `getScanner(...)`  has a return type of `Scanner` (new to 0.2, package `org.apache.hadoop.hbase.client`),
whereas `obtainScanner(...)` had a return type of `HScannerInterface` (a class that no longer
exists in 0.2).  
-  * In 0.1.3, `deteleFamily(...)` took parameters of either `(Text, Text, long)` or `(Text,
Text)`.  In 0.2, `deleteFamily(...)` only accepts parameters of either `(Text, Text, long)`,
`(String, String, long)`, or `(byte[], byte[], long)`; the long "timestamp" must be included
as a parameter.
-  * The `HTable` subclass `ServerCallable<T>` from 0.1.3 has been moved to its own
separate class in 0.2, located in package `org.apache.hadoop.hbase.client`.  
-  * The method `getRegionServerWithRetries(ServerCallable<T>)` from 0.1.3 has been
moved to the `HConnection` interface in 0.2.  
- Finally, the following methods have been added to `HTable` in HBase 0.2:
- ''0.2:''
- <<BR>> {{{public static boolean isTableEnabled(Text);}}}
- <<BR>> {{{public static boolean isTableEnabled(String);}}}
- <<BR>> {{{public static boolean isTableEnabled(byte[]);}}}
- <<BR>> {{{public static boolean isTableEnabled(HBaseConfiguration, Text);}}}
- <<BR>> {{{public static boolean isTableEnabled(HBaseConfiguration, String);}}}
- <<BR>> {{{public static boolean isTableEnabled(HBaseConfiguration, byte[]);}}}
- Once again, for greater detail on API changes to `HBaseAdmin`, `HTable`, and all classes
new to HBase 0.2, please refer to the [HBase 0.2 API].  

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