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Subject [Hadoop Wiki] Update of "PoweredBy" by nicolas.brousse
Date Sun, 16 Oct 2011 06:47:58 GMT
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The "PoweredBy" page has been changed by nicolas.brousse:

Add TubeMogul, Inc.

  = A =
   * [[http://a9.com/|A9.com]] - Amazon*
    * We build Amazon's product search indices using the streaming API and pre-existing C++,
Perl, and Python tools.
    * We process millions of sessions daily for analytics, using both the Java and streaming
    * Our clusters vary from 1 to 100 nodes.
   * [[http://www.accelacommunications.com|Accela Communications]]
    * We use a Hadoop cluster to rollup registration and view data each night.
    * Our cluster has 10 1U servers, with 4 cores, 4GB ram and 3 drives
    * Each night, we run 112 Hadoop jobs
    * It is roughly 4X faster to export the transaction tables from each of our reporting
databases, transfer the data to the cluster, perform the rollups, then import back into the
databases than to perform the same rollups in the database.
   * [[http://www.adobe.com|Adobe]]
    * We use Hadoop and HBase in several areas from social services to structured data storage
and processing for internal use.
    * We currently have about 30 nodes running HDFS, Hadoop and HBase in clusters ranging
from 5 to 14 nodes on both production and development. We plan a deployment on an 80 nodes
    * We constantly write data to HBase and run MapReduce jobs to process then store it back
to HBase or external systems.
    * Our production cluster has been running since Oct 2008.
   * [[http://www.adyard.de|adyard]]
    * We use Flume, Hadoop and Pig for log storage and report generation aswell as ad-Targeting.
    * We currently have 12 nodes running HDFS and Pig and plan to add more from time to time.
    * 50% of our recommender system is pure Pig because of it's ease of use.
    * Some of our more deeply-integrated tasks are using the streaming api and ruby aswell
as the excellent Wukong-Library.
   * [[http://www.ablegrape.com/|Able Grape]] - Vertical search engine for trustworthy wine
    * We have one of the world's smaller hadoop clusters (2 nodes @ 8 CPUs/node)
    * Hadoop and Nutch used to analyze and index textual information
   * [[http://adknowledge.com/|Adknowledge]] - Ad network
    * Hadoop used to build the recommender system for behavioral targeting, plus other clickstream
    * We handle 500MM clickstream events per day
    * Our clusters vary from 50 to 200 nodes, mostly on EC2.
    * Investigating use of R clusters atop Hadoop for statistical analysis and modeling at
   * [[http://www.aguja.de|Aguja]]- E-Commerce Data analysis
    * We  use hadoop, pig and hbase to analyze search log, product view data, and analyze
all of our logs
    * 3 node cluster with 48 cores in total, 4GB RAM and 1 TB storage each.
   * [[http://china.alibaba.com/|Alibaba]]
    * A 15-node cluster dedicated to processing sorts of business data dumped out of database
and joining them together. These data will then be fed into iSearch, our vertical search engine.
    * Each node has 8 cores, 16G RAM and 1.4T storage.
   * [[http://aol.com/|AOL]]
    * We use hadoop for variety of things ranging from ETL style processing and statistics
generation to running advanced algorithms for doing behavioral analysis and targeting.
    * The Cluster that we use for mainly behavioral analysis and targeting has 150 machines,
Intel Xeon, dual processors, dual core, each with 16GB Ram and 800 GB hard-disk.
   * [[http://www.ara.com.tr/|ARA.COM.TR]] - Ara Com Tr - Turkey's first and only search engine
    * We build Ara.com.tr search engine using the Python tools.
    * We use Hadoop for analytics.
    * We handle about 400TB per month
    * Our clusters vary from 10 to 100 nodes
   * [[http://atbrox.com/|Atbrox]]
    * We use hadoop for information extraction & search, and data analysis consulting
    * Cluster: we primarily use Amazon's Elastic Mapreduce
   * [[http://www.ABC-Online-Shops.de/|ABC Online Shops]]
    * Shop the Internet search engine
  * [[http://www.aflam-online.com/|افلام اون لاين]]
@@ -88, +76 @@

  = B =
   * [[http://www.babacar.org/|BabaCar]]
    * 4 nodes cluster (32 cores, 1TB).
    * We use Hadoop for searching and analysis of millions of rental bookings.
   * [[http://www.backdocsearch.com|backdocsearch.com]] - search engine for chiropractic information,
local chiropractors, products and schools
   * [[http://www.baidu.cn|Baidu]] - the leading Chinese language search engine
    * Hadoop used to analyze the log of search and do some mining work on web page database
    * We handle about 3000TB per week
    * Our clusters vary from 10 to 500 nodes
    * Hypertable is also supported by Baidu
   * [[http://www.beebler.com|Beebler]]
    * 14 node cluster (each node has: 2 dual core CPUs, 2TB storage, 8GB RAM)
    * We use hadoop for matching dating profiles
   * [[http://www.benipaltechnologies.com|Benipal Technologies]] - Outsourcing, Consulting,
    * 35 Node Cluster (Core2Quad Q9400 Processor, 4-8 GB RAM, 500 GB HDD)
    * Largest Data Node with Xeon E5420*2 Processors, 64GB RAM, 3.5 TB HDD
    * Total Cluster capacity of around 20 TB on a gigabit network with failover and redundancy
    * Hadoop is used for internal data crunching, application development, testing and getting
around I/O limitations
   * [[http://bixolabs.com/|Bixo Labs]] - Elastic web mining
    * The Bixolabs elastic web mining platform uses Hadoop + Cascading to quickly build scalable
web mining applications.
    * We're doing a 200M page/5TB crawl as part of the [[http://bixolabs.com/datasets/public-terabyte-dataset-project/|public
terabyte dataset project]].
    * This runs as a 20 machine [[http://aws.amazon.com/elasticmapreduce/|Elastic MapReduce]]
   * [[http://www.brainpad.co.jp|BrainPad]] - Data mining and analysis
    * We use Hadoop to summarize of user's tracking data.
    * And use analyzing.
  = C =
   * [[http://caree.rs/|Caree.rs]]
    * Hardware: 15 nodes
    * We use Hadoop to process company and job data and run Machine learning algorithms for
our recommendation engine.
   * [[http://www.cdunow.de/|CDU now!]]
    * We use Hadoop for our internal searching, filtering and indexing
   * [[http://www.charlestontraveler.com/|Charleston]]
    * Hardware: 15 nodes
    * We use Hadoop to process company and job data and run Machine learning algorithms for
our recommendation engine.
   * [[http://www.cloudspace.com/|Cloudspace]]
    * Used on client projects and internal log reporting/parsing systems designed to scale
to infinity and beyond.
    * Client project: Amazon S3-backed, web-wide analytics platform
    * Internal: cross-architecture event log aggregation & processing
   * [[http://www.contextweb.com/|Contextweb]] - Ad Exchange
    * We use Hadoop to store ad serving logs and use it as a source for ad optimizations,
analytics, reporting and machine learning.
    * Currently we have a 50 machine cluster with 400 cores and about 140TB raw storage. Each
(commodity) node has 8 cores and 16GB of RAM.
   * [[http://www.cooliris.com|Cooliris]] - Cooliris transforms your browser into a lightning
fast, cinematic way to browse photos and videos, both online and on your hard drive.
    * We have a 15-node Hadoop cluster where each machine has 8 cores, 8 GB ram, and 3-4 TB
of storage.
    * We use Hadoop for all of our analytics, and we use Pig to allow PMs and non-engineers
the freedom to query the data in an ad-hoc manner.
   * [[http://www.weblab.infosci.cornell.edu/|Cornell University Web Lab]]
    * Generating web graphs on 100 nodes (dual 2.4GHz Xeon Processor, 2 GB RAM, 72GB Hard
   * [[http://www.crs4.it|CRS4]]
    * [[http://dx.doi.org/10.1109/ICPPW.2009.37|Computational biology applications]]
    * [[http://www.springerlink.com/content/np5u8k1x9l6u755g|HDFS as a VM repository for virtual
   * [[http://crowdmedia.de/|crowdmedia]]
    * Crowdmedia has a 5 Node Hadoop cluster for statistical analysis
    * We use Hadoop to analyse trends on Facebook and other social networks
  = D =
   * [[http://datagraph.org/|Datagraph]]
    * We use Hadoop for batch-processing large [[http://www.w3.org/RDF/|RDF]] datasets, in
particular for indexing RDF data.
    * We also use Hadoop for executing long-running offline [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SPARQL|SPARQL]]
queries for clients.
    * We use Amazon S3 and Cassandra to store input RDF datasets and output files.
@@ -180, +152 @@

    * We primarily run Hadoop jobs on Amazon Elastic MapReduce, with cluster sizes of 1 to
20 nodes depending on the size of the dataset (hundreds of millions to billions of RDF statements).
   * [[http://www.deepdyve.com|Deepdyve]]
    * Elastic cluster with 5-80 nodes
    * We use hadoop to create our indexes of deep web content and to provide a high availability
and high bandwidth storage service for index shards for our search cluster.
   * [[http://www.wirtschaftsdetektei-berlin.de|Detektei Berlin]]
    * We are using Hadoop in our data mining and multimedia/internet research groups.
    * 3 node cluster with 48 cores in total, 4GB RAM and 1 TB storage each.
   * [[http://search.detik.com|Detikcom]] - Indonesia's largest news portal
    * We use hadoop, pig and hbase to analyze search log, generate Most View News, generate
top wordcloud, and analyze all of our logs
    * Currently We use 9 nodes
   * [[http://www.dropfire.com|DropFire]]
    * We generate Pig Latin scripts that describe structural and semantic conversions between
data contexts
    * We use Hadoop to execute these scripts for production-level deployments
    * Eliminates the need for explicit data and schema mappings during database integration
  = E =
   * [[http://www.ebay.com|EBay]]
    * 532 nodes cluster (8 * 532 cores, 5.3PB).
    * Heavy usage of Java MapReduce, Pig, Hive, HBase
    * Using it for Search optimization and Research.
   * [[http://www.enet.gr|Enet]], 'Eleftherotypia' newspaper, Greece
    * Experimental installation - storage for logs and digital assets
    * Currently 5 nodes cluster
    * Using hadoop for log analysis/data mining/machine learning
   * [[http://www.enormo.com/|Enormo]]
    * 4 nodes cluster (32 cores, 1TB).
    * We use Hadoop to filter and index our listings, removing exact duplicates and grouping
similar ones.
    * We plan to use Pig very shortly to produce statistics.
   * [[http://blog.espol.edu.ec/hadoop/|ESPOL University (Escuela Superior Politécnica del
Litoral) in Guayaquil, Ecuador]]
    * 4 nodes proof-of-concept cluster.
    * We use Hadoop in a Data-Intensive Computing capstone course. The course projects cover
topics like information retrieval, machine learning, social network analysis, business intelligence,
and network security.
    * The students use on-demand clusters launched using Amazon's EC2 and EMR services, thanks
to its AWS in Education program.
   * [[http://www.systems.ethz.ch/education/courses/hs08/map-reduce/|ETH Zurich Systems Group]]
    * We are using Hadoop in a course that we are currently teaching: "Massively Parallel
Data Analysis with MapReduce". The course projects are based on real use-cases from biological
data analysis.
    * Cluster hardware: 16 x (Quad-core Intel Xeon, 8GB RAM, 1.5 TB Hard-Disk)
   * [[http://www.eyealike.com/|Eyealike]] - Visual Media Search Platform
    * Facial similarity and recognition across large datasets.
    * Image content based advertising and auto-tagging for social media.
    * Image based video copyright protection.
  = F =
   * [[http://www.facebook.com/|Facebook]]
    * We use Hadoop to store copies of internal log and dimension data sources and use it
as a source for reporting/analytics and machine learning.
    * Currently we have 2 major clusters:
     * A 1100-machine cluster with 8800 cores and about 12 PB raw storage.
@@ -247, +208 @@

     * We are heavy users of both streaming as well as the Java apis. We have built a higher
level data warehousing framework using these features called Hive (see the http://hadoop.apache.org/hive/).
We have also developed a FUSE implementation over hdfs.
   * [[http://www.foxaudiencenetwork.com|FOX Audience Network]]
    * 40 machine cluster (8 cores/machine, 2TB/machine storage)
    * 70 machine cluster (8 cores/machine, 3TB/machine storage)
    * 30 machine cluster (8 cores/machine, 4TB/machine storage)
    * Use for log analysis, data mining and machine learning
   * [[http://www.forward3d.co.uk|Forward3D]]
    * 5 machine cluster (8 cores/machine, 5TB/machine storage)
    * Existing 19 virtual machine cluster (2 cores/machine 30TB storage)
    * Predominantly Hive and Streaming API based jobs (~20,000 jobs a week) using [[http://github.com/trafficbroker/mandy|our
Ruby library]], or see the [[http://oobaloo.co.uk/articles/2010/1/12/mapreduce-with-hadoop-and-ruby.html|canonical
WordCount example]].
@@ -264, +223 @@

    * Machine learning
   * [[http://freestylers.jp/|Freestylers]] - Image retrieval engine
    * We Japanese company Freestylers use Hadoop to build the image processing environment
for image-based product recommendation system mainly on Amazon EC2, from April 2009.
    * Our Hadoop environment produces the original database for fast access from our web application.
    * We also uses Hadoop to analyzing similarities of user's behavior.
  = G =
   * [[http://www.gis.tw/en|GIS.FCU]]
    * Feng Chia University
    * 3 machine cluster (4 cores, 1TB/machine)
    * storeage for sensor data
   * [[http://www.google.com|Google]]
    * [[http://www.google.com/intl/en/press/pressrel/20071008_ibm_univ.html|University Initiative
to Address Internet-Scale Computing Challenges]]
   * [[http://www.gruter.com|Gruter. Corp.]]
    * 30 machine cluster (4 cores, 1TB~2TB/machine storage)
    * storage for blog data and web documents
    * used for data indexing by MapReduce
    * link analyzing and Machine Learning by MapReduce
   * [[http://gumgum.com|GumGum]]
    * 9 node cluster (Amazon EC2 c1.xlarge)
    * Nightly MapReduce jobs on [[http://aws.amazon.com/elasticmapreduce/|Amazon Elastic MapReduce]]
process data stored in S3
    * MapReduce jobs written in [[http://groovy.codehaus.org/|Groovy]] use Hadoop Java APIs
@@ -295, +249 @@

  = H =
   * [[http://www.hadoop.co.kr/|Hadoop Korean User Group]], a Korean Local Community Team
    * 50 node cluster In the Korea university network environment.
     * Pentium 4 PC, HDFS 4TB Storage
    * Used for development projects
@@ -303, +256 @@

     * Latent Semantic Analysis, Collaborative Filtering
   * [[http://www.hotelsandaccommodation.com.au/|Hotels & Accommodation]]
    * 3 machine cluster (4 cores/machine, 2TB/machine)
    * Hadoop for data for search and aggregation
    * Hbase hosting
   * [[http://www.hulu.com|Hulu]]
    * 13 machine cluster (8 cores/machine, 4TB/machine)
    * Log storage and analysis
    * Hbase hosting
   * [[http://www.hundeshagen.de|Hundeshagen]]
    * 6 node cluster (each node has: 4 dual core CPUs, 1,5TB storage, 4GB RAM, RedHat OS)
    * Using Hadoop for our high speed data mining applications in corporation with [[http://www.ehescheidung-jetzt.de|Online
   * [[http://www.hadoop.tw/|Hadoop Taiwan User Group]]
   * [[http://net-ngo.com|Hipotecas y euribor]]
    * Evolución del euribor y valor actual
    * Simulador de hipotecas en crisis económica
   * [[http://www.hostinghabitat.com/|Hosting Habitat]]
    * We use a customised version of Hadoop and Nutch in a currently experimental 6 node/Dual
Core cluster environment.
    * What we crawl are our clients Websites and from the information we gather. We fingerprint
old and non updated software packages in that shared hosting environment. We can then inform
our clients that they have old and non updated software running after matching a signature
to a Database. With that information we know which sites would require patching as a free
and courtesy service to protect the majority of users. Without the technologies of Nutch and
Hadoop this would be a far harder to accomplish task.
  = I =
   * [[http://www.ibm.com|IBM]]
    * [[http://www-03.ibm.com/press/us/en/pressrelease/22613.wss|Blue Cloud Computing Clusters]]
    * [[http://www-03.ibm.com/press/us/en/pressrelease/22414.wss|University Initiative to
Address Internet-Scale Computing Challenges]]
   * [[http://www.iccs.informatics.ed.ac.uk/|ICCS]]
    * We are using Hadoop and Nutch to crawl Blog posts and later process them. Hadoop is
also beginning to be used in our teaching and general research activities on natural language
processing and machine learning.
   * [[http://search.iiit.ac.in/|IIIT, Hyderabad]]
    * We use hadoop for Information Retrieval and Extraction research projects. Also working
on map-reduce scheduling research for multi-job environments.
    * Our cluster sizes vary from 10 to 30 nodes, depending on the jobs. Heterogenous nodes
with most being Quad 6600s, 4GB RAM and 1TB disk per node. Also some nodes with dual core
and single core configurations.
   * [[http://www.imageshack.us/|ImageShack]]
    * From [[http://www.techcrunch.com/2008/05/20/update-imageshack-ceo-hints-at-his-grander-ambitions/|TechCrunch]]:
     . Rather than put ads in or around the images it hosts, Levin is working on harnessing
all the data his
     service generates about content consumption (perhaps to better target advertising on
ImageShack or to syndicate that targetting data to ad networks). Like Google and Yahoo, he
is deploying the open-source Hadoop software to create a massive distributed supercomputer,
but he is using it to analyze all the data he is collecting.
   * [[http://www.imvu.com/|IMVU]]
    * We use Hadoop to analyze our virtual economy
    * We also use Hive to access our trove of operational data to inform product development
decisions around improving user experience and retention as well as meeting revenue targets
    * Our data is stored in s3 and pulled into our clusters of up to 4 m1.large EC2 instances.
Our total data volume is on the order of 5Tb
   * [[http://www.infolinks.com/|Infolinks]]
    * We use Hadoop to analyze production logs and to provide various statistics on our In-Text
advertising network.
    * We also use Hadoop/HBase to process user interactions with advertisements and to optimize
ad selection.
   * [[http://www.isi.edu/|Information Sciences Institute (ISI)]]
    * Used Hadoop and 18 nodes/52 cores to [[http://www.isi.edu/ant/address/whole_internet/|plot
the entire internet]].
   * [[http://infochimps.org|Infochimps]]
    * 30 node AWS EC2 cluster (varying instance size, currently EBS-backed) managed by Chef
& Poolparty running Hadoop 0.20.2+228, Pig 0.5.0+30, Azkaban 0.04, [[http://github.com/infochimps/wukong|Wukong]]
    * Used for ETL & data analysis on terascale datasets, especially social network data
(on [[http://api.infochimps.com|api.infochimps.com]])
   * [[http://www.iterend.com/|Iterend]]
    * using 10 node hdfs cluster to store and process retrieved data on.
  = J =
   * [[http://joost.com|Joost]]
    * Session analysis and report generation
   * [[http://www.journeydynamics.com|Journey Dynamics]]
    * Using Hadoop MapReduce to analyse billions of lines of GPS data to create TrafficSpeeds,
our accurate traffic speed forecast product.
  = K =
   * [[http://www.kalooga.com/|Kalooga]] - Kalooga is a discovery service for image galleries.
   * [[http://www.arabaoyunlarimiz.gen.tr/araba-oyunlari/|Araba oyunları]] Araba Oyunları
    * Uses Hadoop, Hbase, Chukwa and Pig on a 20-node cluster for crawling, analysis and events
   * [[http://katta.wiki.sourceforge.net/|Katta]] - Katta serves large Lucene indexes in a
grid environment.
    * Uses Hadoop FileSytem, RPC and IO
   * [[http://www.koubei.com/|Koubei.com]] Large local community and local search at China.
    . Using Hadoop to process apache log, analyzing user's action and click flow and the links
click with any specified page in site and more. Using Hadoop to process whole price data user
input with map/reduce.
   * [[http://krugle.com/|Krugle]]
    * Source code search engine uses Hadoop and Nutch.
  = L =
   * [[http://clic.cimec.unitn.it/|Language, Interaction and Computation Laboratory  (Clic
- CIMeC)]]
    * Hardware: 10 nodes, each node has 8 core and 8GB of RAM
    * Studying verbal and non-verbal communication.
   * [[http://www.last.fm|Last.fm]]
    * 44 nodes
    * Dual quad-core Xeon L5520 (Nehalem) @ 2.27GHz, 16GB RAM, 4TB/node storage.
    * Used for charts calculation, log analysis, A/B testing
@@ -421, +351 @@

    * Some Hive but mainly automated Java MapReduce jobs that process ~150MM new events/day.
   * [[https://lbg.unc.edu|Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center - Bioinformatics Group]]
This is the cancer center at UNC Chapel Hill. We are using Hadoop/HBase for databasing and
analyzing Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) data produced for the [[http://cancergenome.nih.gov/|Cancer
Genome Atlas]] (TCGA) project and other groups. This development is based on the [[http://seqware.sf.net|SeqWare]]
open source project which includes SeqWare Query Engine, a database and web service built
on top of HBase that stores sequence data types. Our prototype cluster includes:
    * 8 dual quad core nodes running CentOS
    * total of 48TB of HDFS storage
    * HBase & Hadoop version 0.20
@@ -429, +358 @@

   * [[http://www.legolas-media.com|Legolas Media]]
   * [[http://www.linkedin.com|LinkedIn]]
    * We have multiple grids divided up based upon purpose.
     * Hardware:
      * 120 Nehalem-based Sun x4275, with 2x4 cores, 24GB RAM, 8x1TB SATA
@@ -445, +373 @@

    * We use these things for discovering People You May Know and [[http://www.linkedin.com/careerexplorer/dashboard|other]]
[[http://inmaps.linkedinlabs.com/|fun]] [[http://www.linkedin.com/skills/|facts]].
   * [[http://www.lookery.com|Lookery]]
    * We use Hadoop to process clickstream and demographic data in order to create web analytic
    * Our cluster runs across Amazon's EC2 webservice and makes use of the streaming module
to use Python for most operations.
   * [[http://www.lotame.com|Lotame]]
    * Using Hadoop and Hbase for storage, log analysis, and pattern discovery/analysis.
  = M =
   * [[http://www.markt24.de/|Markt24]]
    * We use Hadoop to filter user behaviour, recommendations and trends from externals sites
    * Using zkpython
    * Used EC2, no using many small machines (8GB Ram, 4 cores, 1TB)
   * [[http://www.crmcs.com//|MicroCode]]
    * 18 node cluster (Quad-Core Intel Xeon, 1TB/node storage)
    * Financial data for search and aggregation
    * Customer Relation Management data for search and aggregation
   * [[http://www.media6degrees.com//|Media 6 Degrees]]
    * 20 node cluster (dual quad cores, 16GB, 6TB)
    * Used log processing, data analysis and machine learning.
    * Focus is on social graph analysis and ad optimization.
    * Use a mix of Java, Pig and Hive.
   * [[http://www.mercadolibre.com//|Mercadolibre.com]]
    * 20 nodes cluster (12 * 20 cores, 32GB, 53.3TB)
    * Custemers log on on-line apps
    * Operations log processing
    * Use java, pig, hive, oozie
   * [[http://www.mobileanalytics.tv//|MobileAnalytic.TV]]
    * We use Hadoop to develop MapReduce algorithms:
     * Information retrival and analytics
     * Machine generated content - documents, text, audio, & video
     * Natural Language Processing
@@ -497, +417 @@

    * 2 node cluster (Windows Vista/CYGWIN, & CentOS) for developing MapReduce programs.
   * [[http://www.mylife.com/|MyLife]]
    * 18 node cluster (Quad-Core AMD Opteron 2347, 1TB/node storage)
    * Powers data for search and aggregation
@@ -505, +424 @@

  = N =
   * [[http://www.navteqmedia.com|NAVTEQ Media Solutions]]
    * We use Hadoop/Mahout to process user interactions with advertisements to optimize ad
   * [[http://www.openneptune.com|Neptune]]
    * Another Bigtable cloning project using Hadoop to store large structured data set.
    * 200 nodes(each node has: 2 dual core CPUs, 2TB storage, 4GB RAM)
   * [[http://www.netseer.com|NetSeer]] -
    * Up to 1000 instances on [[http://www.amazon.com/b/ref=sc_fe_l_2/002-1156069-5604805?ie=UTF8&node=201590011&no=3435361&me=A36L942TSJ2AJA|Amazon
    * Data storage in [[http://www.amazon.com/S3-AWS-home-page-Money/b/ref=sc_fe_l_2/002-1156069-5604805?ie=UTF8&node=16427261&no=3435361&me=A36L942TSJ2AJA|Amazon
    * 50 node cluster in Coloc
    * Used for crawling, processing, serving and log analysis
   * [[http://nytimes.com|The New York Times]]
    * [[http://open.blogs.nytimes.com/2007/11/01/self-service-prorated-super-computing-fun/|Large
scale image conversions]]
    * Used EC2 to run hadoop on a large virtual cluster
   * [[http://www.ning.com|Ning]]
    * We use Hadoop to store and process our log files
    * We rely on Apache Pig for reporting, analytics, Cascading for machine learning, and
on a proprietary JavaScript API for ad-hoc queries
    * We use commodity hardware, with 8 cores and 16 GB of RAM per machine
  = O =
   * [[http://www.optivo.com|optivo]] - Email marketing software
    * We use Hadoop to aggregate and analyse email campaigns and user interactions.
    * Developement is based on the github repository.
  = P =
   * [[http://papertrailapp.com/|Papertrail]] - Hosted syslog and app log management
    * Hosted syslog and app log service can feed customer logs into Hadoop for their analysis
(usually with [[help.papertrailapp.com/kb/analytics/log-analytics-with-hadoop-and-hive|Hive]])
    * Most customers load gzipped TSVs from S3 (which are uploaded nightly) into Amazon Elastic
   * [[http://parc.com|PARC]] - Used Hadoop to analyze Wikipedia conflicts [[http://asc.parc.googlepages.com/2007-10-28-VAST2007-RevertGraph-Wiki.pdf|paper]].
   * [[http://www.performable.com/|Performable]] - Web Analytics Software
    * We use Hadoop to process web clickstream, marketing, CRM, & email data in order
to create multi-channel analytic reports.
    * Our cluster runs on Amazon's EC2 webservice and makes use of Python for most of our
   * [[http://pharm2phork.org|Pharm2Phork Project]] - Agricultural Traceability
    * Using Hadoop on EC2 to process observation messages generated by RFID/Barcode readers
as items move through supply chain.
    * Analysis of BPEL generated log files for monitoring and tuning of workflow processes.
   * [[http://www.powerset.com|Powerset / Microsoft]] - Natural Language Search
    * up to 400 instances on [[http://www.amazon.com/b/ref=sc_fe_l_2/002-1156069-5604805?ie=UTF8&node=201590011&no=3435361&me=A36L942TSJ2AJA|Amazon
    * data storage in [[http://www.amazon.com/S3-AWS-home-page-Money/b/ref=sc_fe_l_2/002-1156069-5604805?ie=UTF8&node=16427261&no=3435361&me=A36L942TSJ2AJA|Amazon
    * Microsoft is now contributing to HBase, a Hadoop subproject ( [[http://port25.technet.com/archive/2008/10/14/microsoft-s-powerset-team-resumes-hbase-contributions.aspx|announcement]]).
   * [[http://pressflip.com|Pressflip]] - Personalized Persistent Search
    * Using Hadoop on EC2 to process documents from a continuous web crawl and distributed
training of support vector machines
    * Using HDFS for large archival data storage
   * [[http://www.pronux.ch|Pronux]]
    * 4 nodes cluster (32 cores, 1TB).
    * We use Hadoop for searching and analysis of millions of bookkeeping postings
    * Also used as a proof of concept cluster for a cloud based ERP system
   * [[http://www.pokertablestats.com/|PokerTableStats]]
    * 2 nodes cluster (16 cores, 500GB).
    * We use Hadoop for analyzing poker players game history and generating gameplay related
players statistics
   * [[http://www.portabilite.info|Portabilité]]
    * 50 node cluster in Colo.
    * Also used as a proof of concept cluster for a cloud based ERP syste.
   * [[http://www.psgtech.edu/|PSG Tech, Coimbatore, India]]
    * Multiple alignment of protein sequences helps to determine evolutionary linkages and
to predict molecular structures. The dynamic nature of the algorithm coupled with data and
compute parallelism of hadoop data grids improves the accuracy and speed of sequence alignment.
Parallelism at the sequence and block level reduces the time complexity of MSA problems. Scalable
nature of Hadoop makes it apt to solve large scale alignment problems.
    * Our cluster size varies from 5 to 10 nodes. Cluster nodes vary from 2950 Quad Core Rack
Server, with 2x6MB Cache and 4 x 500 GB SATA Hard Drive to E7200 / E7400 processors with 4
GB RAM and 160 GB HDD.
  = Q =
   * [[http://www.quantcast.com/|Quantcast]]
    * 3000 cores, 3500TB. 1PB+ processing each day.
    * Hadoop scheduler with fully custom data path / sorter
    * Significant contributions to KFS filesystem
  = R =
   * [[http://www.rackspace.com/email_hosting/|Rackspace]]
    * 30 node cluster (Dual-Core, 4-8GB RAM, 1.5TB/node storage)
    * Parses and indexes logs from email hosting system for search: http://blog.racklabs.com/?p=66
   * [[http://www.rakuten.co.jp/|Rakuten]] - Japan's online shopping mall
    * 69 node cluster
    * We use Hadoop to analyze logs and mine data for recommender system and so on.
   * [[http://www.rapleaf.com/|Rapleaf]]
    * 80 node cluster (each node has: 2 quad core CPUs, 4TB storage, 16GB RAM)
    * We use hadoop to process data relating to people on the web
    * We also involved with Cascading to help simplify how our data flows through various
processing stages
   * [[http://www.recruit.jp/corporate/english/|Recruit]]
    * Hardware: 50 nodes (2*4cpu 2TB*4 disk 16GB RAM each)
    * We use Hadoop(Hive) to analyze logs and mine data for recommendation.
   * [[http://www.reisevision.com/|reisevision]]
    * We use Hadoop for our internal search
   * [[http://code.google.com/p/redpoll/|Redpoll]]
    * Hardware: 35 nodes (2*4cpu 10TB disk 16GB RAM each)
    * We intend to parallelize some traditional classification, clustering algorithms like
Naive Bayes, K-Means, EM so that can deal with large-scale data sets.
   * [[http://resu.me/|Resu.me]]
    * Hardware: 5 nodes
    * We use Hadoop to process user resume data and run algorithms for our recommendation
   * [[http://www.rightnow.com/|RightNow Technologies]] - Powering Great Experiences
    * 16 node cluster (each node has: 2 quad core CPUs, 6TB storage, 24GB RAM)
    * We use hadoop for log and usage analysis
    * We predominantly leverage Hive and HUE for data access
  = S =
   * [[http://www.sara.nl/news/recent/20101103/Hadoop_proof-of-concept.html|SARA, Netherlands]]
    * SARA has initiated a Proof-of-Concept project to evaluate the Hadoop software stack
for scientific use.
   * [[http://alpha.search.wikia.com|Search Wikia]]
    * A project to help develop open source social search tools. We run a 125 node hadoop
   * [[http://wwwse.inf.tu-dresden.de/SEDNS/SEDNS_home.html|SEDNS]] - Security Enhanced DNS
    * We are gathering world wide DNS data in order to discover content distribution networks
    configuration issues utilizing Hadoop DFS and MapRed.
   * [[http://www.sematext.com/|Sematext International]]
    * We use Hadoop to store and analyze large amounts search and performance data for our
[[http://www.sematext.com/search-analytics/index.html|Search Analytics]] and [[http://www.sematext.com/spm/index.html|Scalable
Performance Monitoring]] services.
   * [[http://www.slcsecurity.com/|SLC Security Services LLC]]
    * 18 node cluster (each node has: 4 dual core CPUs, 1TB storage, 4GB RAM, RedHat OS)
    * We use Hadoop for our high speed data mining applications
   * [[http://www.slingmedia.com/|Sling Media]]
    * We have a core Analytics group that is using a 10-Node cluster running RedHat OS
    * Hadoop is used as an infrastructure to run MapReduce (MR) algorithms on a number of
raw data
    * Raw data ingest happens hourly. Raw data comes from hardware and software systems out
in the field
@@ -667, +556 @@

    * Plan to implement Mahout to build recommendation engine
   * [[http://www.socialmedia.com/|Socialmedia.com]]
    * 14 node cluster (each node has: 2 dual core CPUs, 2TB storage, 8GB RAM)
    * We use hadoop to process log data and perform on-demand analytics
   * [[http://www.spadac.com/|Spadac.com]]
    * We are developing the MrGeo (Map/Reduce Geospatial) application to allow our users to
bring cloud computing to geospatial processing.
    * We use HDFS and MapReduce to store, process, and index geospatial imagery and vector
    * MrGeo is soon to be open sourced as well.
   * [[http://www.specificmedia.com|Specific Media]]
    * We use Hadoop for log aggregation, reporting and analysis
    * Two Hadoop clusters, all nodes 16 cores, 32 GB RAM
    * Cluster 1: 27 nodes (total 432 cores, 544GB RAM, 280TB storage)
@@ -686, +572 @@

    * We  contribute to Hadoop and related projects where possible, see http://code.google.com/p/bigstreams/
and http://code.google.com/p/hadoop-gpl-packing/
   * [[http://stampedehost.com/|Stampede Data Solutions (Stampedehost.com)]]
    * Hosted Hadoop data warehouse solution provider
   * [[http://www.stumbleupon.com/|StumbleUpon (StumbleUpon.com)]]
    * We use HBase to store our recommendation information and to run other operations. We
have HBase committers on staff.
  = T =
   * [[http://www.taragana.com|Taragana]] - Web 2.0 Product development and outsourcing services
    * We are using 16 consumer grade computers to create the cluster, connected by 100 Mbps
    * Used for testing ideas for blog and other data mining.
   * [[http://www.textmap.com/|The Lydia News Analysis Project]] - Stony Brook University
    * We are using Hadoop on 17-node and 103-node clusters of dual-core nodes to process and
extract statistics from over 1000 U.S. daily newspapers as well as historical archives of
the New York Times and other sources.
   * [[http://www.tailsweep.com/|Tailsweep]] - Ad network for blogs and social media
    * 8 node cluster (Xeon Quad Core 2.4GHz, 8GB RAM, 500GB/node Raid 1 storage)
    * Used as a proof of concept cluster
    * Handling i.e. data mining and blog crawling
   * [[http://www.thestocksprofit.com/|Technical analysis and Stock Research]]
    * Generating stock analysis on 23 nodes (dual 2.4GHz Xeon, 2 GB RAM, 36GB Hard Drive)
   * [[http://www.tegataiphoenix.com/|Tegatai]]
    * Collection and analysis of Log, Threat, Risk Data and other Security Information on
32 nodes (8-Core Opteron 6128 CPU, 32 GB RAM, 12 TB Storage per node)
   * [[http://www.tid.es/about-us/research-groups/|Telefonica Research]]
    * We use Hadoop in our data mining and user modeling, multimedia, and internet research
    * 6 node cluster with 96 total cores, 8GB RAM and 2 TB storage per machine.
   * [[http://www.telenav.com/|Telenav]]
    * 60-Node cluster for our Location-Based Content Processing including machine learning
algorithms for Statistical Categorization, Deduping, Aggregation & Curation (Hardware:
2.5 GHz Quad-core Xeon, 4GB RAM, 13TB HDFS storage).
    * Private cloud for rapid server-farm setup for stage and test environments.(Using Elastic
N-Node cluster)
    * Public cloud for exploratory projects that require rapid servers for scalability and
computing surges (Using Elastic N-Node cluster)
   * [[http://www.tianya.cn/|Tianya]]
    * We use Hadoop for log analysis.
+  * [[http://www.tubemogul.com|TubeMogul]]
+   * We use Hadoop HDFS, Map/Reduce, Hive and Hbase
+   * We manage over 300 TB of HDFS data across four Amazon EC2 Availability Zone
   * [[http://www.tufee.de/|tufee]]
    * We use Hadoop for searching and indexing
   * [[http://www.twitter.com|Twitter]]
    * We use Hadoop to store and process tweets, log files, and many other types of data generated
across Twitter. We use Cloudera's CDH2 distribution of Hadoop, and store all data as compressed
LZO files.
    * We use both Scala and Java to access Hadoop's MapReduce APIs
    * We use Pig heavily for both scheduled and ad-hoc jobs, due to its ability to accomplish
a lot with few statements.
@@ -745, +624 @@

    * For more on our use of hadoop, see the following presentations: [[http://www.slideshare.net/kevinweil/hadoop-pig-and-twitter-nosql-east-2009|Hadoop
and Pig at Twitter]] and [[http://www.slideshare.net/kevinweil/protocol-buffers-and-hadoop-at-twitter|Protocol
Buffers and Hadoop at Twitter]]
   * [[http://tynt.com|Tynt]]
    * We use Hadoop to assemble web publishers' summaries of what users are copying from their
websites, and to analyze user engagement on the web.
    * We use Pig and custom Java map-reduce code, as well as chukwa.
    * We have 94 nodes (752 cores) in our clusters, as of July 2010, but the number grows
  = U =
   * [[http://glud.udistrital.edu.co|Universidad Distrital Francisco Jose de Caldas (Grupo
GICOGE/Grupo Linux UD GLUD/Grupo GIGA]]
    . 5 node low-profile cluster. We use Hadoop to support the research project: Territorial
Intelligence System of Bogota City.
   * [[http://ir.dcs.gla.ac.uk/terrier/|University of Glasgow - Terrier Team]]
    * 30 nodes cluster (Xeon Quad Core 2.4GHz, 4GB RAM, 1TB/node storage).
    We use Hadoop to facilitate information retrieval research & experimentation, particularly
for TREC, using the Terrier IR platform. The open source release of [[http://ir.dcs.gla.ac.uk/terrier/|Terrier]]
includes large-scale distributed indexing using Hadoop Map Reduce.
   * [[http://www.umiacs.umd.edu/~jimmylin/cloud-computing/index.html|University of Maryland]]
    . We are one of six universities participating in IBM/Google's academic cloud computing
initiative. Ongoing research and teaching efforts include projects in machine translation,
language modeling, bioinformatics, email analysis, and image processing.
   * [[http://hcc.unl.edu|University of Nebraska Lincoln, Holland Computing Center]]
    . We currently run one medium-sized Hadoop cluster (1.6PB) to store and serve up physics
data for the computing portion of the Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) experiment. This requires
a filesystem which can download data at multiple Gbps and process data at an even higher rate
locally. Additionally, several of our students are involved in research projects on Hadoop.
   * [[http://dbis.informatik.uni-freiburg.de/index.php?project=DiPoS|University of Freiburg
- Databases and Information Systems]]
    . 10 nodes cluster (Dell PowerEdge R200 with Xeon Dual Core 3.16GHz, 4GB RAM, 3TB/node
    . Our goal is to develop techniques for the Semantic Web that take advantage of MapReduce
(Hadoop) and its scaling-behavior to keep up with the growing proliferation of semantic data.
    * [[http://dbis.informatik.uni-freiburg.de/?project=DiPoS/RDFPath.html|RDFPath]] is an
expressive RDF path language for querying large RDF graphs with MapReduce.
@@ -777, +650 @@

  = V =
   * [[http://www.veoh.com|Veoh]]
    * We use a small Hadoop cluster to reduce usage data for internal metrics, for search
indexing and for recommendation data.
   * [[http://www.vibyggerhus.se/|Bygga hus]]
    * We use a Hadoop cluster to for search and indexing for our projects.
   * [[http://www.visiblemeasures.com|Visible Measures Corporation]] uses Hadoop as a component
in our Scalable Data Pipeline, which ultimately powers !VisibleSuite and other products. We
use Hadoop to aggregate, store, and analyze data related to in-stream viewing behavior of
Internet video audiences. Our current grid contains more than 128 CPU cores and in excess
of 100 terabytes of storage, and we plan to grow that substantially during 2008.
   * [[http://www.vksolutions.com/|VK Solutions]]
    * We use a small Hadoop cluster in the scope of our general research activities at [[http://www.vklabs.com|VK
Labs]] to get a faster data access from web applications.
    * We also use Hadoop for filtering and indexing listing, processing log analysis, and
for recommendation data.
  = W =
   * [[http://www.web-alliance.fr|Web Alliance]]
    * We use Hadoop for our internal search engine optimization (SEO) tools. It allows us
to store, index, search data in a much faster way.
    * We also use it for logs analysis and trends prediction.
   * [[http://www.worldlingo.com/|WorldLingo]]
    * Hardware: 44 servers (each server has: 2 dual core CPUs, 2TB storage, 8GB RAM)
    * Each server runs Xen with one Hadoop/HBase instance and another instance with web or
application servers, giving us 88 usable virtual machines.
    * We run two separate Hadoop/HBase clusters with 22 nodes each.
@@ -808, +676 @@

  = X =
  = Y =
   * [[http://www.yahoo.com/|Yahoo!]]
    * More than 100,000 CPUs in >40,000 computers running Hadoop
    * Our biggest cluster: 4500 nodes (2*4cpu boxes w 4*1TB disk & 16GB RAM)
     * Used to support research for Ad Systems and Web Search
     * Also used to do scaling tests to support development of Hadoop on larger clusters
    * [[http://developer.yahoo.com/blogs/hadoop|Our Blog]] - Learn more about how we use Hadoop.
@@ -819, +685 @@

  = Z =
   * [[http://www.zvents.com/|Zvents]]
    * 10 node cluster (Dual-Core AMD Opteron 2210, 4GB RAM, 1TB/node storage)
    * Run Naive Bayes classifiers in parallel over crawl data to discover event information

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