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From Apache Wiki <wikidi...@apache.org>
Subject [Hadoop Wiki] Update of "SocketTimeout" by SteveLoughran
Date Fri, 29 Jul 2011 16:04:03 GMT
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The "SocketTimeout" page has been changed by SteveLoughran:

Entry on SocketTimeout

New page:
= Socket Timeouts =

TCP Socket Timeouts are caused when a TCP socket times out talking to the far end. 

Socket timeouts can occur when attempting to connect to a remote server, or during communication,
especially long-lived ones.

They can be caused by any connectivity problem on the network, such as:
 * A network partition preventing the two machines from communicating.
 * The remote machine crashing. This cannot easily be distinguished from a network partitioning.
 * A change in the firewall settings of one of the machines preventing communication.
 * The settings are wrong and the client is trying to talk to the wrong machine, one that
is not on the network. That could be an error in Hadoop configuration files, or an entry in
the DNS tables or the /etc/hosts file.

Comparing this exception to the ConnectionRefused error, the latter indicates there is a server
at the far end, but no program running on it
can receive inbound connections on the chosen port. A Socket Timeout usually means that there
is a net

== Identifying and Fixing Socket Timeouts ==

The root cause of a Socket Timeout is a connectivity failure between the machines, so try
the usual process

 1. Check the settings: is this the machine you really wanted to talk to?
 1. From the machine that is raising the exception, can you resolve the hostname.
 1. Is that resolved hostname the correct one? 
 1. Can you ping the remote host?
 1. Is the target machine running the relevant Hadoop processes?
 1. Can you telnet to the target host and port?
 1. Can you telnet to the target host and port from any other machine?
 1. On the target machine, can you telnet to the port using localhost as the hostname. If
this works but external network connections time out, it's usually a firewall issue.

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