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From Apache Wiki <wikidi...@apache.org>
Subject [Hadoop Wiki] Update of "Hive/HowToContribute" by JohnSichi
Date Tue, 26 Jan 2010 22:05:02 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

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The "Hive/HowToContribute" page has been changed by JohnSichi.


  Please refrain from editing descriptions and comments if possible, as edits spam the mailing
list and clutter Jira's "All" display, which is otherwise very useful.  Instead, preview descriptions
and comments using the preview button (on the right) before posting them.  Keep descriptions
brief and save more elaborate proposals for comments, since descriptions are included in Jira's
automatically sent messages.  If you change your mind, note this in a new comment, rather
than editing an older comment.  The issue should preserve this history of the discussion.
+ == Generating Code ==
+ Some portions of the metastore code are generated by [[http://incubator.apache.org/thrift/|thrift]].
 For most Hive changes, you don't need to worry about this, but if you end up needing to change
the file metastore/if/hive_metastore.thrift, then you'll also need to regenerate these files
and submit their updated versions as part of your patch.
+ Steps:
+  1. Use the approved version of thrift.  This is currently {{{thrift-instant-r790732}}},
which you can obtain from http://instant.thrift-rpc.org.
+  1. Build the thrift compiler from its sources, then install it:
+  1. {{{cd /path/to/thrift-instant-rXYZ}}}
+  1. {{{./configure --without-csharp --without-ruby}}}
+  1. {{{make}}}
+  1. {{{sudo make install}}}
+  1. Now verify that {{{which thrift}}} returns the build of thrift you just installed (typically
{{{/usr/local/bin}}} on Linux); if not, edit your PATH before proceeding and repeat the verification.
+  1. {{{cd /path/to/hive-trunk/metastore}}}
+  1. {{{ant thriftif}}}
+  1. Use {{{svn status}}} and {{{svn diff}}} to verify that the regenerated code corresponds
only to the changes you made to hive_metastore.thrift.  You may also need {{{svn add}}} if
new files were generated (and {{{svn remove}}} if files have been obsoleted).  If you see
spurious noise in the changes, you probably used the wrong version of thrift.  If you can't
figure out what is going wrong, ask for help from a committer.
+  1. {{{cd /path/to/hive-trunk}}}
+  1. {{{ant clean package}}}
+  1. Verify that hive is still working correctly
  == Stay involved ==
  Contributors should join the [[http://hadoop.apache.org/hive/mailing_lists.html|Hive mailing
lists]].  In particular the dev list (to join discussions of changes) and the user list (to
help others).

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