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Subject [Hadoop Wiki] Trivial Update of "Hive/LanguageManual/LanguageManual/Sampling" by RaghothamMurthy
Date Wed, 21 Jan 2009 23:28:48 GMT
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The following page has been changed by RaghothamMurthy:

- Syntax:
- {{{
- table_sample: TABLESAMPLE (BUCKET x OUT OF y [ON colname])
- }}}
- The TABLESAMPLE clause allows the users to write queries for samples of the data instead
of the whole table. The TABLESAMPLE clause can be added to any table in the FROM clause. The
buckets are numbered starting from 0. '''colname''' indicates the column on which to sample
each row in the table. colname can be one of the non-partition columns in the table or '''rand()'''
indicating sampling on the entire row instead of an individual column. The rows of the table
are 'bucketed' on the colname randomly into y buckets numbered 0 through y. Rows which belong
to bucket x are returned.  
- In the following example the 3rd bucket out of the 32 buckets of the table source. 's' is
the table alias.
- {{{
- FROM source TABLESAMPLE(BUCKET 3 OUT OF 32 ON rand()) s; 
- }}}
- '''Input pruning''': Typically, TABLESAMPLE will scan the entire table and fetch the sample.
But, that is not very efficient. Instead, the table can be  created with a CLUSTERED BY clause
which indicates the set of columns on which the table is hash-partitioned/clustered on. If
the columns specified in the TABLESAMPLE clause match the columns in the CLUSTERED BY clause,
TABLESAMPLE scans only the required hash-partitions of the table.
- Example:
- So in the above example, if table 'source' was created with 'CLUSTERED BY id INTO 32 BUCKETS'

- {{{
- }}}
- would pick out the 3rd and 19th buckets. 
- On the other hand the tablesample clause
- {{{
- }}}
- would pick out half of the 3rd bucket. 

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