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From Apache Wiki <wikidi...@apache.org>
Subject [Hadoop Wiki] Update of "HowToRelease" by DougCutting
Date Thu, 25 Sep 2008 23:10:10 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

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The following page has been changed by DougCutting:

The comment on the change is:
updated for addition of jdiff

  svn commit -m "Merge -r R1:R2 from trunk to X.Y branch. Fixes: HADOOP-A, HADOOP-B."
+ = Build Requirements =
+ To build an official release, you must:
+   1. Use a 64-bit Linux system, so that we can build both 32- and 64-bit native code.
+   1. Have a recent version of Eclipse installed, so that the eclipse plugin will build.
+   1. Have Owen's patched version of JDiff installed, attached to [https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/HADOOP-3532
  = Building =
- 	1. Build the release & run unit tests.  Note that releases are normally built on 64-bit
Linux, so that they include the native code for that platform.  Also, folks who build releases
should install eclipse, so that the eclipse plugin can be included in releases, pre-compiled.
+ 	1. Build the release & run unit tests. {{{
  export JAVA_HOME=/path/to/32bit/jdk
  export CFLAGS=-m32
  export CXXFLAGS=-m32
- ant -Dversion=X.Y.Z -Dcompile.native=true -Dcompile.c++=true -Dlibhdfs=1 -Declipse.home=/usr/lib/eclipse
clean package-libhdfs tar test test-libhdfs
+ ant -Dversion=X.Y.Z -Dcompile.native=true -Dcompile.c++=true -Dlibhdfs=1 -Declipse.home=/usr/lib/eclipse
-Djdiff.home=/usr/local/jdiff clean package-libhdfs api-report tar test test-libhdfs
  export JAVA_HOME=/path/to/64bit/jdk
  export CFLAGS=-m64
  export CXXFLAGS=-m64
@@ -126, +136 @@

  cp -rp hadoop-X.Y.Z/docs/api /www/hadoop.apache.org/core/docs/rX.Y.Z
  rm -r hadoop-X.Y.Z
+         1. Generate the jdiff API data for the new release by, in the branch directory,
running {{{
+ ant -Dversion=X.Y.Z -Djdiff.home=/usr/local/jdiff api-xml
+ }}} then commit the XML file generated in docs/jdiff to both trunk and to the branch.
  	1. Send announcements to the user and developer lists once the site changes are visible.
          1. In Jira, ensure that only issues in the "Fixed" state have a "Fix Version" set
to release X.Y.Z.
          1. In Jira, "release" the version.  Visit the "Administer Project" page, then the
"Manage versions" page.   You need to have the "Admin" role in Hadoop Core's Jira for this
step and the next.

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