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From Apache Wiki <wikidi...@apache.org>
Subject [Lucene-hadoop Wiki] Trivial Update of "Hbase/FAQ" by stack
Date Wed, 21 Nov 2007 18:10:56 GMT
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The following page has been changed by stack:

The comment on the change is:
faq on oome

+ [[Anchor(3)]]
  '''1. [#1 Can someone give an example of basic API-usage going against hbase?]'''
  The two main client-side entry points are [http://lucene.zones.apache.org:8080/hudson/job/Hadoop-Nightly/javadoc/org/apache/hadoop/hbase/HBaseAdmin.html
HBaseAdmin] and [http://lucene.zones.apache.org:8080/hudson/job/Hadoop-Nightly/javadoc/org/apache/hadoop/hbase/HTable.html
HTable].  Use H!BaseAdmin to create, drop, list, enable and disable tables.  Use it also to
add and drop table column families.  For adding, updating and deleting data, use HTable. 
Here is some pseudo code absent error checking, imports, etc., that creates a table, adds
data, does a fetch of just-added data and then deletes the table.
@@ -45, +47 @@

  Apart from Google's bigtable, here are ones we know of:
   * [wiki:Hbase/PNUTS PNUTS], a Platform for Nimble Universal Table Storage, being developed
internally at Yahoo!
+ '''3. [#3 Can I fix O!utOfMemoryExceptions in hbase?]'''
+ Out-of-the-box, hbase uses the default JVM heap size.  Set the ''HBASE_HEAPSIZE'' environment
variable in ''${HBASE_HOME}/conf/hbase-env.sh'' if your install needs to run with a larger
heap.  ''HBASE_HEAPSIZE'' is like ''HADOOP_HEAPSIZE'' in that its value is the desired heap
size in MB.  The surrounding '-Xmx' and 'm' needed to make up the maximum heap size java option
are added by the hbase start script (See how ''HBASE_HEAPSIZE'' is used in the ''${HBASE_HOME}/bin/hbase''
script for clarification).

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