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From Apache Wiki <wikidi...@apache.org>
Subject [Lucene-hadoop Wiki] Trivial Update of "Hbase/HbaseRest" by stack
Date Sun, 18 Nov 2007 05:28:11 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

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The following page has been changed by stack:

The comment on the change is:
Format.  Comment on times.  Removed exception handling section.

- ~-''St.Ack comment: This won't be needed if you use TableInputFormat in your mapper -- but
no harm in having it in place''-~
- ~-''Bryan comment: Only if you're using the Hadoop MapReduce. We've got our own.''-~
- ~-''St.Ack comment 11/15/2007: OK -~ 
  == Row Interaction ==
  '''GET /[table_name]/row/[row_key]/timestamps'''
@@ -72, +66 @@

  ~-''St.Ack comment: Currently not supported in native hbase client but we should add it-~
+ ~-''St.Ack comment 11/17/2007: What is this time format?  Want to do ISO 8601?  Should be
fixed size, milliseconds?  Or flexible about timestamp format?-~
  '''GET /[table_name]/row/[row_key]/'''
  '''GET /[table_name]/row/[row_key]/[timestamp]'''
      Retrieve data from a row, constrained by an optional timestamp value.
@@ -88, +85 @@

          columns: A semicolon-delimited list of column names. If omitted, the result will
contain all columns in the row.
+ ~-''St.Ack comment 11/17/2007: Only one column allowed in hbase currently.-~
  '''POST/PUT /[table_name]/row/[row_key]/'''
  '''POST/PUT /[table_name]/row/[row_key]/[timestamp]'''
      Set the value of one or more columns for a given row key with an optional timestamp.
@@ -115, +115 @@

  '''DELETE /[table_name]/row/[row_key]/'''
  '''DELETE /[table_name]/row/[row_key]/[timestamp]'''
      Delete the specified columns from the row. If there are no columns specified, then it
will delete ALL columns. Optionally, specify a timestamp.
@@ -189, +191 @@

          HTTP 202 (Accepted) if it can be closed. HTTP 404 (Not Found) if the scanner id
is invalid. 
          HTTP 410 (Gone) if the scanner is already closed or the lease time has expired.
+ ~-''St.Ack comment 11/17/2007: Removed the exception handling section from here since, yes,
as Bryan argues, REST clients ain't interested in java stack traces not unless its a 500 code
and even then...-~
- == Exception Handling ==
- Generally, exceptions will show on the REST client side as 40Xs with a descriptive message
and possibly a body with the java stack trace.  TODO: Table of the types of exceptions a client
could get and how they should react.
- ~- Bryan comment: I think we should only show Java stack traces if we're in some manner
of debug mode. Usually, some REST-based client won't want to know about what's going on under
the hood - they just care that it was a 500 error. We can stick exceptions into the log. -~

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