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From Apache Wiki <wikidi...@apache.org>
Subject [Lucene-hadoop Wiki] Trivial Update of "Hbase/HbaseShell" by udanax
Date Mon, 17 Sep 2007 08:12:50 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

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The following page has been changed by udanax:

  == Evolution ==
   * Hbase Shell was first added to TRUNK in July, 2007. (eddie)
    * ~-Addition of HQL (Hbase Query Language) support in Hbase Shell -- 12/Sep/07 (inchul)-~
-   * ~-[HADOOP-1789] Shell output formatting is currently in process.(michael)-~
+   * ~-[HADOOP-1789] Shell output formatting is currently in process. (michael)-~
   * Discussion and description of future operators.
    * ~-Hbase Shell [:Hbase/HbaseShell/Altools: Altools] - Algebraic Tools for the Large-scale
analysis. (eddie)-~ 
    * ~-Hbase RDF - [:Hbase/RDF: HbaseRDF] for storing and querying RDF data. (eddie, inchul,
@@ -49, +49 @@

  ||Help ||<99%>'''Help''' command provides information about the use of shell script.[[BR]][[BR]]~-''HELP
[function_name];''-~ ||
  ||Show ||<99%>'''Show''' command lists tables.[[BR]][[BR]]~-''SHOW tables;''-~ ||
  ||Describe ||'''Describe''' command provides information about the columnfamilies in a table.[[BR]][[BR]]~-''DESC
table_name;''-~ ||
- ||FS ||<99%>'''FS''' command to run hadoop filesystem commands.[[BR]][[BR]]~-''FS
-copyFromLocal /home/source_file.dat /fs/target_folder;''-~ ||
+ ||FS ||<99%>'''Filesystem''' commands.[[BR]][[BR]]~-'''''Hadoop Fs.Shell operations'''[[BR]]{{{
  }}}DFS [-option] arguments...;[[BR]]'''Unix ls command'''[[BR]]{{{   }}}LS [-option] arguments...;''-~
  ||JAR ||<99%>'''JAR''' command to run hadoop jar commands.[[BR]][[BR]]~-''JAR ./build/hadoop-0.15.0-dev-examples.jar
pi 10 10;''-~||
  ||Clear ||<99%>'''Clear''' the screen.[[BR]][[BR]]~-''CLEAR;''-~ ||
  ||Exit ||<99%>'''Exit''' from the current shell script.[[BR]][[BR]]~-''EXIT;''-~ ||
@@ -73, +73 @@

  === Create the table in a Hbase ===
- HBase > help create;
+ Hbase > help create;
  CREATE    Create tables
@@ -98, +98 @@

   * ~-'''BLOOMFILTER''' specifies which bloom filter to use for the column family. By default,
none of the bloom filters is used. You can specify the options in two ways: with '''VECTOR_SIZE'''
and '''NUM_HASH''', or with '''NUM_ENTRIES'''. '''VECTOR_SIZE''' specifies the number of elements
in the vector, and '''NUM_HASH''' specifies the number of hash functions to use; With '''NUM_ENTRIES''',
you  specify only the approximated number of entries in the column, and '''VECTOR_SIZE'''
and '''NUM_HASH''' are automatically determined.-~
- HBase > CREATE TABLE movieLog_table (
+ Hbase > CREATE TABLE movieLog_table (
      --> year, length, inColor, studioName, vote, producer)
      --> NUM_VERSIONS 10; 
- HBase > CREATE TABLE webtable (
+ Hbase > CREATE TABLE webtable (
      --> contents in_memory max_versions=10 compression=block,
      --> anchor max_length=256 bloomfilter=counting                                  
      --> vector_size=1000000 num_hash=4);

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