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From Apache Wiki <wikidi...@apache.org>
Subject [Lucene-hadoop Wiki] Update of "Hadoop 0.14 Upgrade" by RaghuAngadi
Date Tue, 21 Aug 2007 20:05:27 GMT
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The following page has been changed by RaghuAngadi:

  = Upgrade Guide for Hadoop-0.14 =
+ '''XXX This document is still under development'''. Should be complete by end of Aug 21st.
  This page describes upgrade information that is specific to Hadoop-0.14. The usual upgrade
described in [:Hadoop_Upgrade: Hadoop Upgrade page] still applies for Hadoop-0.14. 
@@ -19, +21 @@

  The rest of the document describes what happens once the cluster is started with {{{-upgrade}}}
+ == Block CRC Upgrade ==
+ Hadoop-0.14 maintains checksums for HDFS data differently than earlier versions. Before
Hadoop-0.14, checksum for a file {{{f.txt}}} is stored in another HDFS file {{{.f.txt.crc}}}.
In Hadoop-0.14, there are no such ''shadow'' checksum files. In stead, checksum is stored
with each ''block'' of data at the ''datanode''. [http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/HADOOP-1134
HADOOP-1134] describes this feature in great details. In order to migrate to the new structure,
each datanode reads the checksum data from {{{.crc}}} files in HDFS for each of its blocks
and stores the the checksum next to the block in local filesystem.
+ Depending on number of blocks and number of files in HDFS, upgrade can take anywhere from
a few minutes to a few hours.
+ There are three stages in this upgrade :
+  1. '''SafeMode''' : Similar to normal restart of the cluster, namenode waits for datanodes
in the cluster to report their blocks. The cluster may wait in the state for a long time if
some of the datanodes do not report their blocks. 
+  1. '''Datanode Upgrade''' : Once the most of the blocks are reported, namenode asks the
registered datanodes to start their local upgrade. Namenode waits for for ''all'' the datanodes
to complete their upgrade.
+  1. '''Deleting {{{.crc}}} files''' : Namenode deletes {{{.crc}}} files that were previously
used for storing checksum.
+ === Monitoring the Upgrade ===
+ The cluster stays in ''safeMode'' until the upgrade is complete. HDFS webui is a good place
to check if safeMode is on or off. As always log files from ''namenode'' and ''datanode''
are useful when nothing else helps.
+ Once the cluster is started with {{{-upgrade}}} option, the simplest way to monitor the
upgrade is with '{{{dfsadmin -upgradeProgress status}}}' command. A typical output from this
command looks like this: {{{
+ $ bin/hadoop dfsadmin -upgradeProgress status
+ Distributed upgrade for version -6 is in progress. Status = 78%
+         Last Block Level Stats updated at : Mon Aug 13 22:23:30 UTC 2007
+         Last Block Level Stats : Total Blocks : 1054713
+                                  Fully Upgragraded : 40.94%
+                                  Minimally Upgraded : 52.13%
+                                  Under Upgraded : 6.93% (includes Un-upgraded blocks)
+                                  Un-upgraded : 6.93%
+                                  Errors : 0
+         Brief Datanode Status  : Avg completion of all Datanodes: 91.59% with 0 errors.
+                                  274 out of 893 nodes are not done.
+ }}} 
+  * {{{Status = 78%}}} : This is a rough approximation of how much of upgrade is completed.
+  * {{{Block Level Stats}}} : Once the upgrade is started, Namenode iterates through all
the block to check how many of the blocks are upgrade. This information is useful on large
clusters where some datanodes may never complete upgrade of their blocks (discussed in later
+    * {{{Fully Upgraded}}} : Percentage of blocks, where the expected number of replicas
are upgraded. E.g. if a block has replication of 3, it is considered ''fully upgraded'' if
at least three datanodes that contain this blocks have completed their updating checksums.
+    * {{{Minimally Upgraded}}} : Similar to above, number of upgraded replicas is at least
{{{dfs.min.replication}}} (default 1) and is less than expected number of replicas.
+    * {{{Under Upgraded}}} : number of upgraded replicas is less than {{{dfs.min.replication}}}.
+    * {{{Un-upgraded}}} : blocks with zero upgraded replicas.
+  * {{{Brief Datanode Status}}} : Each datanode reports its progress to the namenode during
the upgrade. This shows average of percent completion on all the datanodes. This also shows
how many datanodes have completed their upgrade. For the upgrade to proceed to next stage,
all the datanodes should report completion of their local upgrade.

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