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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Gump is building stale Checkstyle sources (and other GitHub projects)
Date Mon, 18 Apr 2016 14:36:28 GMT
On 2016-04-18, Konstantin Kolinko wrote:

> This failure is caused by building a stale version of Checkstyle at Gump.

> Looking into "update" work performed in checkstyle project, it calls
> the following command: [4]
> [[[
> git pull --quiet git:// master
> ]]]

you can get rid of the --quiet with verbose/debug attributes on the
<git> element. I've just modified the config of checkstyle and

> 1). The recommended clone URL at [2] is

> Note it uses "https" protocol and ends the URL with ".git".

This may be a change github has made over time. At one point git has
been the recommended protocol and now it is https. So if you see
inconsistencies it may just reflect when an URI has been added.

> 2). I wonder why there is no output and no error status.

> I guess that we can try running this without the "--quiet" flag.

We'll see. At least I would have expected a non-zero exit code from git
in case of any error.

> Searching the project metadata for other projects using
> repository="github" there are 11 of them:

> xmlunit.xml
> - Build failure.

Has started to fail after I added the "git reset" command - it used to
work before. I was meaning to look into this anyway,it looks as if the
presence of submodules and "git reset --hard" don't play well together.

> My plan/proposal is to
> 1) change repository/github.xml
> from <url>git://</url>
> to <url></url>

> 2) add ".git" suffix to all <git dir /> attributes in projects,

+1 - at least it shouldn't hurt.

> but I wonder of the following

> 1. What output is suppressed by "--quiet" flag in git pull command.

we'll see.

> 2. Why google-guava project is stale, while it already uses ".git" suffix.

> I expected it to be up-to-date.

so would I.

> E.g. use "git fetch" instead of "git pull",  as we now follow that
> command with "git reset --hard".
> I think original plan was "git reset --hard" followed by "git update".

Actually Mark's idea was fetch followed by reset IIRC, I only added
reset, maybe we should change the "update command" to fetch.



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